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  1. Yet despite the high prices Apple's devices continue to sell quite well because lots of people think they are worth it, including the OP of this topic.
  2. Most Macs perform quite well for long enough that the average time between replacements is around 4 years; plus, they tend to return a lot of their original cost if resold.
  3. The OP is simply expressing a personal preference for the look & feel of one OS over another. For something that gets used frequently, often for hours every day, that is just as an important consideration as the technical ones.
  4. Actually, you yourself mentioned in an earlier post that "drive" is not an appropriate word for devices like SSD's that do not have a physical drive motor. Did you forget writing this? BTW, please learn to spell Wikipedia correctly.
  5. No, that is not what I am saying. Any vector shape object can have a stroke, a fill, or both. But a straight line vector object's fill will be invisible because it just fills in the area enclosed by the curve. If you add a node to it & move one of the nodes out so it is no longer inline with the other nodes, then you would see its fill color.
  6. That's because they are shapes that initially had no stroke (what you are calling an outline), just a fill, so if you select them & give them a non-zero width stroke, you get what your last screenshot shows.
  7. What about other commonly used abbreviations like mm, yd, km, mph, or ft? Would you be happier if this particular abbreviation included a period so it appeared as "app." to make it clearer that it stands for something longer?
  8. A stroke does not add an outline to an object. The outline is the bounding box that appears around an object when it is selected with the Move tool.
  9. All of these items are unfilled straight-line curve objects, so to change their color I just changed their stroke color in the Colors panel. So for example, in this No Problem.afdesign version, I had no problem changing their stroke color to green.
  10. Maybe try just coping a few of the layers you are having problems with to a new afdesign document & adding that to this topic so we can see if there is anything obvious about why this is not working for you.
  11. How specifically are you trying to change the color? Are you using the Color panel or something else? If that panel, do you have the color well for the fill color selected/frontmost or the stroke color one?
  12. Some of those items seem to be frame text items but I can change the fill color of all of them.
  13. Are they Image layers, pixel layers, vector object layers, or something else?
  14. Nope. I am just saying the word "drive" has never been accurate when applied to this class of devices. We do not need Wikipedia to know that. BTW, you mighty want to see if there is something wrong with your spellchecker.
  15. And yet, like you they still use the no longer accurate word "drive" to refer to this class of devices. Go figure.
  16. Spelled correctly, it is a valid reference for how such terms are used generically by many people. I am one of them. You are not. That's all there is to it. It is pointless to make more of it than that.
  17. IOW, the user has to apply some function of the app for it to do anything. So in that sense the commonly used abbreviated terminology seems quite reasonable & logical to me. YMMV.
  18. Why on earth would they want to copy something from Photoshop that is less useful than the way it worked in V1?
  19. All I meant to point out is you used "hard drive" to refer to the built-in storage device on the M-series Macs. It is neither "hard" nor a "drive" in the conventional sense. As for referring to that as an SSD, I meant it in the general sense like it is used in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive to refer to any solid-state storage device. From what I have read, there is a small amount of NVRAM in the M-series Macs, but I assume main memory RAM is dynamic since its contents are not retained between cold starts. Why do you ask?
  20. Why? "App" is just an abbreviation for application program, which is software that can be used in various applications to perform specific tasks. Whether running on desktops or mobile devices they usually can perform many different tasks, for example the Affinity suite of apps that run on iPads or numerous other apps that run on various smartphone devices.
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