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  1. When will be available the next update of Designer and Photo on mac? The last update released a year ago! I'm very angry now.
  2. Please give back tilde character at Export Persona on Mac OS. I can't export png-s with tilde character in the name. Example when I want to export images to specific size and scale I can't correctly name them. eg: img1~iphone.png, img1~ipad.png. edit: with these filenames Xcode automatically recognize the category of images.
  3. When I had been seeing the iOS version of Affinity Photos at Apple Dev Event I immediately bought it! I love this app but I want to sync iCloud doc beetwen iPad and Mac. Are you planning such a thing?
  4. So I created a new document with transparent background. I added a text without stroke, and the file contains this element: <text x="160.995px" y="340.391px" style="font-family:'ArialMT', 'Arial', sans-serif;font-size:210.613px;">af</text> But if I add stroke to the text element then the svg file contains one more text element with fill:none parameter: <text x="160.995px" y="340.391px" style="font-family:'ArialMT', 'Arial', sans-serif;font-size:210.613px;fill:none;">af</text> <text x="160.995px" y="340.391px" style="font-family:'ArialMT', 'Arial', sans-serif;font-size:210.613px;stroke:rgb(217,38,165);stroke-width:5px;">af</text> This minor bug appears in Affinity Design 1.5.4, Affinity Photo 1.5.1 and I tried with Affinity Design 1.5.5 beta (I'm downloaded today).
  5. I have same issue with Affinity Develop plugin inside Apple Photos. But only with Affinity Develop plugin. Other (Affinity) plugins are working great!
  6. Any update with this? This bug is also appears in the Affinity Photo 1.5.1.
  7. I created a photo with iPhone6+ in landscape. In (Apple) Photos I clicked "Edit in Affinity Photo" extension. And I choosed the Tone Mapping Persona. In Presets preview window the images appears upside down. But booth the image in editing window and the saved image also perfect orientation. MacOS 10.12.1, Affinity Photo 1.5.1
  8. It seems, the issue is related to retina display. I have an Apple Cinema Display (23", 2009) with 1920x1200 pixel resolution. If I open a plugin while using this monitor, there is no bug. But if I move the window of Photos app to MBP retina display (with 2880x1800 resolution) and I open the same plugin then the bug appears again. I use the retina display with full resolution, not with default:
  9. I created all photos with iPhone6 Plus. I tried cropping a photo and the bug is same (with smaller size of photo). This bug appears in all plugin. About my system: 2015 15" rMBP, OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, Affinity Photo 1.4.2.
  10. If I want to compare the original end edited photo (in Photos app with any Affinity Photo plugin), the preview slice shows very pixel image and I can't really compare them. I created a screenshot to show what I'm meaning. This image is'nt edited, so I only checked the Preview checkbox.
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