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  1. Okay...sorry for the confusion, I was getting ever so tired! Think I get it now, in other words, use the workaround you suggested (checked it seemed to work perfectly) but my printers can override the number anyway if they wanted. Thank you so much for your patience and help Alfred!
  2. Cool, just to clarify (photographer who sells prints) simply put the dpi is being set to 300 but just showing wrong? Thanks for letting me know, most appreciated!
  3. In the (right click) properties window of the jpeg (windows os,) and in adobe bridge. Forgot to say, latest version of affinity photo!
  4. Hi Sean, Yes I was using the selections brush tool with the snap to edges enabled. I was trying to select the fence not the white but it just couldn't seem to cope with it. Thanks though!
  5. Hi There, Just logging a possible bug...not a huge concern for me but I have noticed that when I change the DPI to 300 before exporting to a jpeg, export to jpeg, the jpg says the DPI is 350. I have double and triple checked but this happens each time? Weird one, doubt it will make a huge difference but thought I should let you know in case it is a bigger issue for others or elsewhere. Billie
  6. Thank you so much Alfred! This worked perfectly!!
  7. Hi there, I am using windows 10 with the latest version of affinity photo (bought it yesterday). I am trying to make a selection of the image I have attached, fences on a white background. This should be fairly easy to select...I just can't seem to select it properly. I have checked and the layer is pixel and I have selected it. But when I use the selection brush tool it goes here there and everywhere. It is as though it cannot differentiate between the very contrasted background and fence? There are no other layers in the project at this time either. Not sure if this is just a little bug or not, but I know when I tried the trial version a few months back the selection brush tool worked great! Would really appreciate any tips! Thanks, Billie
  8. Finally managed to get it working!! I re-installed the tablet drivers again for the third time and it all of a sudden works! YAY Thanks anyways!!
  9. Thanks for the reply gdenby. I am on windows 10. I have used it in a trial version months ago but since I bought it today it just will not work in either application!
  10. Hi Everyone, Made the jump today to buy affinity photo and designer. Whilst I am loving it all, my huion 1060 plus tablet will not work in either program? I have tried it in other programs and it works fine, I have tried different settings, even uninstalling the tablet driver and re-installing it but only affinity photo and designer refuse to allow it to work. Can anyone help me, I really am lost and need to use my tablet with my work on these programs. Thanks in advance! Billie
  11. Hi There, I have just bought Affinity Photo and Designer for windows, I am running Windows 10, 16gb RAM over 1tb hard drive. My affinity photo is extremely slow and constantly "not responding" and freezing every time I do something. Even when trying to just transform or crop an object. I have tried everything in preferences, even upping the amount of RAM usage allowed. This is very frustrating and adding hours onto simple tasks. Is this a bug of the latest update or how the program is? Thanks, Billie
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone has been having problems with printing out their images using affinity photo? Since finding out that affinity photo opens up RAW files at 96dpi by default (seems strange to me) I have tried the advice of others by un-ticking the resample box in document size and resizing to 300dpi. However my images come out blurry and stretched?! Anyone else having this problem? I really can't understand why a photo editing application opens images at a smaller size by default, surly we all know that changing its size can cause harm to the image which I seem to be finding? Interested to see if anyone else has my problem. Billie
  13. Hiya, Thanks, yes my images are RAW but as I said above, when I change to 300 without resampling my images are blurry and stretched! I can't understand why this would happen, surely the image should open at its correct size as it does in Photoshop. I understand from the link thank you that affinity photo does not support this and is a major disappointment to me as I love affinity. I do so hope it can be an issue that is fixed in time for now it's back to photoshop. :(
  14. Been trying to fix this myself all day, still no luck. The images are opening up at 96 dpi (should say ppi) when I increase the size to 300 manually (although I shouldn't have to) to test the images....they all come out stretched and blurry. Why does affinity photo open images at 96 dpi/ppi this has now made me stop using the app because of this...such a shame and obviously now very wary to pay out for the windows version when it comes if this cannot be fixed. Hopefully someone on here can help me as I have had no support on this matter! :)
  15. Hi Everyone, New here so hope I am doing this all in the right place and what not! I am using Affinity Photo on the Mac (waiting patiently for my beloved Windows to be able to have it!) Version 1.4.2 I have noticed that whenever I open an image it automatically changes its original size and the PPI changes to 96, the images should all be at least 300ppi. I have tried multiple images with multiple formats and it is the same every time? Am I missing something as obviously I want to work on the original 300ppi not a 96ppi version? Thanks in advance! Billie