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  1. Yeah, I have had a look at the windows ink settings but that didn't help. It seems as long as I keep the pen really close to the screen it can work. I will try re-installing the huion drivers later on, in the middle of an animation right now and can't be without my beloved pen and monitor ha ha!
  2. Thanks, I will try all in that thread, but at least its seems to be an issue, not me losing my mind lol. Billie
  3. Already have, it worked for about two minutes then started doing the same. Most strange and obviously frustrating!
  4. ooh also just tried the pen in affinity designer, same issue. Definitely seems like a affinity problem?
  5. Yes definitely got all the right drivers, I am an animator and use this tablet daily in other multiple software's fine. My pen does not have an eraser end. Only a pen nib end, if you want to erase you use the erase tool with the pen nib as you would a brush or pencil etc. It is only affinity photo that seems to have a problem.
  6. Thanks but the pen only has one end, its not like a pen for a ipad or android device. Thanks, Billie
  7. Hi everyone, I have not long managed to get a Huion GT220V2 Graphics Drawing Display Tablet/Monitor. I have gone to use Affinity Photo (on windows latest os, and affinity version When I put the pen to the display affinity photo changes the tool instantly to the background eraser tool. I cannot use any tool with my pen and display as when I try it just change the tool back to the background eraser tool? Has anyone else had this? I have even tried the beta version and the same thing happens! Anyone got a fix? Thanks! Billie
  8. Thanks, I sure try!
  9. Hi @Alfred I have severe anaphylaxis and one of my latest set of allergies are multiple metals and the macbook pro's are made of aluminium, one that I am not good with at all. It makes me all itchy and terribly sick if I go near it even for 5 minutes!
  10. Hi @GabrielM Sorry for the late reply!! That is great to know thanks. Unfortunately due to metal allergies no mac's in the house anymore but at least I know it is on the list! Thanks again, Billie
  11. Hi Guys, I was just wondering if there was an update as to when support for RAW files taken with the Nikon B700 camera will be available? I still cannot open the raw files without them going all weird, strange colour and distorted. Thanks! Billie
  12. LadyBillieBoo

    Nikon .NRW Raw File Opening Weird

    Thanks Sean P What a shame! Do you know if the Nikon d7500 is supported...just ordered that camera for myself!
  13. LadyBillieBoo

    Nikon .NRW Raw File Opening Weird

    Hi Guys, Just bought my mum a Nikon B700 camera so she could come into the world of raw. Last night she had problems with not seeing previews when trying to open her raw images through affinity photo. I fixed this by installing the codec from Nikon. But when she tries to open her raw file the image is opening up really weird? I have attached a screenshot of how it opens and the raw file for anyone to test it out. I have tried opening it on my pc which doesn't have the codec on in case it was that but I get the same strange image? Anyone got any ideas? Both pcs are running on Windows 10, latest version of affinity photo, 16gb RAM, Thanks! DSCN0007.NRW
  14. LadyBillieBoo

    Exporting DPI Issue AP

    Okay...sorry for the confusion, I was getting ever so tired! Think I get it now, in other words, use the workaround you suggested (checked it seemed to work perfectly) but my printers can override the number anyway if they wanted. Thank you so much for your patience and help Alfred!
  15. LadyBillieBoo

    Exporting DPI Issue AP

    Cool, just to clarify (photographer who sells prints) simply put the dpi is being set to 300 but just showing wrong? Thanks for letting me know, most appreciated!