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  1. I have a really cool comic filter action in photoshop. But I want to be able to replicate this in affinity but haven't a clue what to use instead of the smart filters & effect used in photoshop, could someone point me in the right direction if you have any ideas please? Thanks in advance.
  2. I was just about to share the files after stepping away from the laptop for half hour, re-exported so I new exactly what file to upload and would you believe its working fine now?! I haven't changed a thing but its working & has even suddenly underlined the text as it should. Sorry for any inconvenience...thank you for willing to help me though!
  3. Hi All, Fairly new with publisher. I have made a couple of books with hyperlinks to urls working fine. I have wanted to make a digital planner with hyperlinks to pages. I had done a really rough setup to test the hyperlinks. I have watched the official videos and read all the tutorials. I clicked some text, pressed new hyperlink. Made sure it was set to page and put the page number in. When i test it in affinity publisher it points to that page perfectly. Problem is when I export it, import into goodnotes or anywhere the hyperlink is gone. I have checked the export page, clicked more...the include hyperlinks box is checked...I am really scratching my head at this one. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks, Billie
  4. I have had a similar type problem this morning after adding a lighting filter, nothing would work but you could click everything if that makes sense. Sadly however when you click the save button it wouldn't save and nothing could be done so the work was lost and I now have to start again sigh!
  5. I have somehow fixed it! I uninstalled again and went into all my pc folders to delete every folder I could find to do with affinity photo. Re-installed and so far so good with the brushes, still didn't ask me to add my product key though which seems weird? For now at least I can get my brushes sorted!
  6. Hi Everyone, I am using affinity I think that's the latest update right? I haven't used affinity for a while and had to re-install windows on my pc as it all crashed and died on me so fresh new install. I opened it and all was going well, then after adding a couple of brushes it started to crash every time I tried to add a brush set or delete one. I have reset the brushes, still the same, when I import brushes or try to delete them affinity crashes and when I open it back up they are installed or deleted but seeing as I have a ton of brushes I want to install this is going to take forever this way and surely it shouldn't be happening this way? I have tried the duplicating of the raster_brushes.propcol that I saw on another post but still no luck. I have un-installed and re-installed to no avail? Also weird, the re-install didn't ask me to activate with my serial number? I am on windows 10 (latest update available to me) 64-bit. i7 core, 16gb Ram, 3.4ghz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB I don't suppose anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks! Billie
  7. Yeah, I have had a look at the windows ink settings but that didn't help. It seems as long as I keep the pen really close to the screen it can work. I will try re-installing the huion drivers later on, in the middle of an animation right now and can't be without my beloved pen and monitor ha ha!
  8. Yes definitely got all the right drivers, I am an animator and use this tablet daily in other multiple software's fine. My pen does not have an eraser end. Only a pen nib end, if you want to erase you use the erase tool with the pen nib as you would a brush or pencil etc. It is only affinity photo that seems to have a problem.
  9. Hi everyone, I have not long managed to get a Huion GT220V2 Graphics Drawing Display Tablet/Monitor. I have gone to use Affinity Photo (on windows latest os, and affinity version When I put the pen to the display affinity photo changes the tool instantly to the background eraser tool. I cannot use any tool with my pen and display as when I try it just change the tool back to the background eraser tool? Has anyone else had this? I have even tried the beta version and the same thing happens! Anyone got a fix? Thanks! Billie
  10. Hi @Alfred I have severe anaphylaxis and one of my latest set of allergies are multiple metals and the macbook pro's are made of aluminium, one that I am not good with at all. It makes me all itchy and terribly sick if I go near it even for 5 minutes!
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