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  1. How do I download previous versions of Affinity V2? I updated to version 2.2.1, but it continuously crashes.
  2. That was not the only issue I was having. Again, I would rather download an older version to see if alleviates all the issues instead of uninstalling updates to see if that fixes the issue. After I reset my computer and re-installed Affinity, some of those issues went away, some didn't.
  3. Yes, I did and that fixed the issue, but I'm not sure what that is going to effect on my device. It's weird that Affinity would rather us take away a recommended update from Microsoft instead of making the fix on their end.
  4. I'm having the same issue. Windows 11 AND 10. Program is also crashing when using certain masking features and perspective tool. The issues slightly change each time I do a new install. Did you ever resolve the issue?
  5. I'm not sure why it's so hard to do, but I can't find a link or a customer support email. Affinity keeps crashing and I'm wanting to try an older version to download. Can someone assist?
  6. Thank you. I completely forgot about that. I will give it a try and see if that helps. For some reason, it's showing "WARP" instead of the normal GeForce. I've never saw that before
  7. Attached is a full 5.5 minute version from start to finish. No perspective was used directly, only masking. Affinity Photo Freezing (Full).mp4
  8. AP is becoming unresponsive after I use the perspective tool, but it's not immediate. Sometimes it happens after a minute, another time it happened after about 5 minutes. I noticed the issue is more aggressive when used in conjunction with the masking tool and using the "place" feature. Are there any solutions outside of re-installing the program? I am tired re-installing all my brushes, fonts, and reorganizing everything. I just reset my Surface Book 3 and these issues in Affinity started happening after this new install. Same versions. I cut some parts out of the screen recording, but I assure you it is only happening when I use certain tools, specifically the "Perspective" tool and "Perspective" live filter. Affinity Photo Freezing.mp4
  9. Thank you, but that did not resolve the issue. I've done that before as mentioned in the post and just tried it again after you recommended it, but it still lags. I only used that document size as an example, but it does that on smaller canvases too. This is very disappointing.
  10. This is an example because I design t-shirts, amongst other things and I create my designs at scale.
  11. I see this is a common issue, but what is the resolution? Affinity Designer and Photo max out my i7 32GB Surface Book 3 all the time. This is really a nuisance because I run a business that is 100% based off of graphic design. I've done factory resets, ticked and unticked the "Hardware Acceleration" in the programs, switched to my NVIDIA GPU, etc, but nothing helps. Please tell me there is something to stop the lagging in these programs on my computer.
  12. You're the man (or woman). Thank you so much for that. It was very annoying. I was so used to having all my snapping options enabled.
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