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  1. This beta won't even begin to load on my Windows 10 laptop (Version 1803. Build 17134.523). The setup screen doesn't even appear. Just a blip appears on the Taskbar (that disappears in a second or so) but nothing else? Machine is an Inspiron 15 7000 gaming system; Intel I7 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, 303GB free HD space. 4K screen. UPDATE: Just tried it again and it was successful after I did the following: 1. Right-clicked on the installer executable and selected Properties. 2. Chose the Compatibility tab and clicked on "Change high DPI settings" near the bottom. 3. In the new screen: Near the bottom, check the box for High DPI Scaling Override. "Scaling performed by: " Choose "SYSTEM (Enhanced). 4. OK your way out of the boxes. After that, I doubleclicked the installer executable again and it ran/installed fine. SO - what we have here is a 4K scaling issue, guys. This beta don't like running on hi-def screens
  2. amccullg

    First project with AD for Windows

    BOTH versions are gorgeous - great image of Maria, Metropolis is one of my favorite old movies. Especially the Giorgio Moroder version - love that soundtrack!
  3. amccullg

    Quick horse head

    I downloaded and installed Affinity's Windows beta yesterday - it's running surprisingly smoothly. I'll be posting a feature request or two soon, but after watching several of the introductory videos (nice job on those, guys!) I did this quick sketch, implementing some of the techniques mentioned in the videos. Yes, I know - I didn't name my layers. My bad. All in all, VERY COOL! I can't wait for the Affinity PHOTO Windows beta :D horsehead_test.afdesign