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  1. Ok thx guys, I was not aware that my color profile was default on Display. I changed it once now for a new document and now it stays on sRGB.
  2. Thx Ok it's set for my monitors to DELL U2412M and for the retina screen of my Macbook Pro to Color LCD. However I of course do not want my display settings to play any role when exporting for WEB. I give in my document an object a web color and I want it to retain this code when exporting to SVG.
  3. I am sry, how can I check this. I did not consciously install or change this. I have no preferences in this.
  4. Thanks for your reply. See attachment. Steps: export, SVG, preset SVG for web. Hex colours is ticked. test.afdesign
  5. I have some issues too on SVG export. For example color #0039A6 gets changed to #0036AD. #D7A900 to #DEA800. I tried various export setting. However I see this as a bug. Preset 'SVG (for web)' should not change colors. RGB/8 document on Designer 1.6.1 - Mac High Sierra.
  6. Thank you for your replies. Well as long we can see the fonts, rasterized or not to cut stuff out and save it as a png or something. When the fonts - used in a PSD - are not available on the computer, they now immediately get replaced, which messes up a design. It would help a lot to process a PSD for web or apps, because unfortunately the larger part of designers still use Adobe. This issue is for me and some other designers and developers I know the only issue to be able to replace Adobe.
  7. ? Even Mac OS preview shows embedded fonts on PSD's. I really would like this feature. Still need to use Photoshop or save the file to a jpg / png from Mac Preview. This is clumsy for professional use on making websites.
  8. Jack70

    Icon Pack

    Thanks a lot! This really makes designing more efficient. How about this gets default in Designer?
  9. Jack70

    [AP] TouchBar

    I see it at Designer, but not in Photo (App store version 1.4.3).
  10. Hi! Is there any news on this? As a developer I bought Affinity Photo to be able to ditch Adobe. However I still get design files send (PSD's) with fonts not installed on my system. Photoshop will preview these fonts regardlessly. I really hope this preview functionality will get be implemented, since now I still need Photoshop. Thanks!

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