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  2. Check this spiral assets if you have trouble on creating one by yourself https://graphicheck.com/Affinity-Designer-Spiral-Assets
  3. 1. It will be nice if you can change the color stroke with the right click on the color panel 2. Allow Left Click and Right Click to be used in Keyboard shortcuts combinations
  4. Better use symbols to draw a mandala Check this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw-zw-YksNE
  5. Check this https://youtu.be/M6aTMV7Y6E0?t=5m1s
  6. Affinity Designer - Add points at intersection of the curves - this method will help in many situations Affinity Designer for Windows - Add duplicated methods: Alt + Rotation Handle ( rotate and duplicate in the same time ) Alt + Scale Handle (Scale and duplicate in the same time ) This method will help to duplicate and mirror in the same time
  7. Check This - >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-JrFxOk8qc
  8. Windows beta test : 1: Add duplicate: Alt + rotate ( rotate and duplicate in the same time ) Alt + scale ( scale and duplicate in the same time ) 2: Transform panel: Add Duplicate number of copies that is connected to rotation and scale Ex: Rotate 15 degree and duplicate 10 times ( something similar to Ctrl+ j Method, just that is automatically ) Transform panel bug at rotation? - If you change the rotation center pivot, and you rotate the object from the transform panel, the rotation is calculated still from the middle of the object Missing function : - Add Perspective Thanks!

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