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    iPhones flat mockup

    These are awesome! Thanks so much for providing them! Any chance of adding an iPad, MBP and iMac ;-)
  2. Hello, Has anyone created device mockups in Affinity yet? If so, can someone point me to them. Like these for Photoshop: http://www.yoarts.com/resources/free-psd-mockup-templates-for-website-application-designs.html or these https://dribbble.com/shots/977830-Apple-devices-Flat-icons-PSD Something that when demoing a web template or theme a developer can use on their website to show the template works on all devices. Thanks Gary
  3. I will be purchasing Affinity Designer straight away ... as soon as it is available. It has already replaced 75-90% of my Photoshop workflow and I suspect that it will only get better.