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  1. What silly kind of answer is that fde101 and why do you feel the need to write it? Why would I want to have a bad HDR merge function that produces mostly unusable results? If Affinity isn't able to produce a worthwhile merge, why have it at all? In another thread a user reacted by questioning his own HDR shooting practice because the results in Affinity (even after a staff member went over it) were quite bad. Defending something bad does not help anybody, it just muddles the waters and confuses users. The goal can't be to have bad quality tools, even in an all-purpose-software. And since Affinity Photo claims to be a photo editor, why should it be unreasonable to expect it to support a camera like the X-T3 after more than 4 months? It's not just the black bar, the colours also come in funny... Cheers, Tom
  2. And you can download tons of images of all kinds of cameras/lenses in JPG and RAW from dpreview.com. Shouldn't be a problem if you only use them for testing, otherwise ask them. Cheers, Tom
  3. I can highly recommend trying Aurora HDR 2019. In all my tests, Affinity Photo looked poorest (to say it polite) while Aurora didn't need any manual work at all in most cases and I was able to directly tune the image to my liking instead of fixing errors. On One is much faster but just as crappy as Affinity. I never once got a usable (in my book) HDR merge out of Affinity Photo so far. You probably don't need to change your technique, but rather use software that actually knows what it's doing. As for speed: Aurora takes a bit less time here, but isn't superfast either. But in it's case, I'm actually okay with waiting, since the results are actually working. Sorry if the above sounds harsh, but this is NOT a problem of camera technique. With Aurora, you can usually take 3 images separated by 2 stops for normal situations and get a great result. For more extreme situations, you may want to take 5. Otherwise there isn't a lot of magic to be done, as long as you don't wobble like crazy and your objects are halfways static too. I'd actually love to see this part of Affinity Photo brought up to snuff! Cheers, Tom
  4. I have to agree with this. I just uploaded three raw X-T3 images to the Dropbox address in the sticky thread but you can also just head over to DPreview and download a lot of example (Raw/JPG) images they took with different lenses on all kinds of cameras, of course including the X-T3. But honestly, I never heard of the lens changing the crop factor? Isn't it the sensor/image size settings doing that? I'm especially surprised since the beta claims to have a rewritten Xtrans sensor importer and the X-T3 has the new(est?) one, so of course I expected it now being supported??? So far somehow Affinity Photo doesn't really cut it for me. Every time I try it, something else doesn't work or isn't really up to snuff (HDR quality for instance, compared to Aurora HDR 2019). Still keeping my hopes up though that one day I can use it! :-) Cheers, Tom
  5. I personally don't like Bridge much. What I can highly recommend (in addition to XNview) is XYplorer (https://www.xyplorer.com/product.php) & the http://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/ package. Together they cover 90% of my preview needs and XYplorer beats the Windows Explorer by about 10000000000% in speed and depth ;-) A large folder that takes explorer 20 seconds to show sorted by date is instantly there in XYplorer. And it has a beautiful thumbnail view (highly configurable), so with the codec pack, you can preview most file formats, even many raw files right inside your file browser fast. If you enable "mouse-down-blowup", you get to see a full size preview of your image if you click and hold the icon of an image file - very fast and intuitive. Highly recommended - XYplorer replaced file explorer for me since Vista made the Windows Explorer into a slow toy. Cheers, Tom
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