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  1. maxthedry

    Ghosting? Artifacts? HDR Merge...

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to do those tests, Chris. I wonder if I could be using a better technique to capture scenes like this in camera to help make this issue more manageable in post... I'll keep practicing! Who knew taking pictures of landscapes would be so complicated! Any updates to improve the response time/speed of the program would always be welcomed as I use an old computer that needs to be upgraded real soon! Haha.
  2. maxthedry

    Ghosting? Artifacts? HDR Merge...

    Hi Chris. Thanks, I sent the files
  3. I would like some help... there are unsightly smudges and what looks like ghosting along the sides of the trees probably due to motion after HDR merging... but I don't know how to get rid of them. Auto deghost check box did nothing and I already looked up the tutorial on Youtube but cloning from one of the bracketed exposure images changed the sky exposure as I brushed on the hdr merged image...