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  1. I know you answered this question years ago but you also helped me out. Fading Sales receipts - thermal paper - paid cash for the item and 3 mths later you can barely read the docket. I luckily took a photo but it was of the faded receipt. A Fitbit Versa, strap cracked and then broke and the screen has gone weird like if it was infected by a problem update. And I loved using it. Thanks Pauls.
  2. My point was that the print to file remains on after you have printed 'even if you request a different print process 'it still thinks you want to print to file. As it only shows the option in the print to file section you don't realise it is still enabled. As Walt suggested he goes back in to print to file to switch it off. It is a little gotcha. Other print drivers drop the request once the action is done. Eg reset.
  3. Hi Walt, Your suggestion worked. Thank you... apologies for the delay in reply. Changing subjects but do you know if the Window version is going to have added HEIC file capability? Love the smaller file size and my iPhone uses it as the default save file. Would prefer not converting files to png/jpg Cheers.
  4. Looks like you're having a two way bet on what you wrote. My point changing it doesn't return it to the correct print option. It gets stuck on. It's not a problem for me as I just restart the program but it might help others or even the programmers if their interested.
  5. Printing out a file I first thought I would test the print to a .prn which saved a file. Od thing is that if you try to open it in Affinity Photo it declares it doesn't recognise the file type! Then I decided to print the file to the printer but regardless of what options I selected it would always default to .prn and open the save window. After a lot of trial and trial.... I ended up saving my work and restarting the program. I didn't select the .prn option and just went straight to print to printer and it worked fine. I am using Affinity ver I don't know how to get the latest version and it doesn't prompt me that it is available. The printer is a RIcoh SP C250DN PCL6 Computer is 2nd gen i5 K overclocked to 4.3GHz 14GB RAM and a AMD 5770 video card. C: SSD 1TB 2nd drive SSD cache 4TB Seagate hybrid Regards.
  6. I have uploaded the .afphoto and also a movie screen capture which also captures what taskmanager is doing during the "not responding" section. I hope this helps your team work out what went wrong. Look forward to some feedback. Regards.
  7. Hi, TL:DR Set Fill / Paint / font colour change crashes the program when applied to a block image e.g. not a font. Attempts to paint the entire A4 page but takes 15 minutes perhaps more. Why does it take so long to paint a page. Why did it paint a page when it was only a small portion that was selected. Improve logic to prevent this? Hardware i5 2500K overclocked to 4.1gHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB ssd, Intel onboard Graphic 3000, 4TB ssd/plater HD, AMD 5770 1GB video card Creating another master piece and was just changing the colours of the fonts. I then clicked on a block of graphic image and clicked on that to change its colour. Once I did this the computer started to play up with the mouse becoming erratic e.g. not moving smoothly. This got worse to the point I had no response from my computer. After a minute approx I could get taskmanager to start and I could see that Affinity Photo was reporting it is "not responding" At first it was using 1% cpu and 1.5 GB of memory Being patient I waited perhaps another 5 minutes perhaps 10 and noticed that the program came back sort of. I checked taskmanager again and found that cpu use had risen to ~32% and 4.5GB of memory with 0.3% of disk activity. The entire Affinity Photo program screen had a transparent grey all over the entire screen. Normally when I see a program in this state I would conclude it had crashed. I waited some more and found the program returned to a functioning state however my entire image had be painted the font colour. At first I didn't realise it had done this but as I clicked on the image I noticed handles responded. I saved the file "which had ballooned from 2MB to 27MB" in this state and restarted the program and found the entire image was still completely painted in the font colour. I used the undo feature and managed to get the image back to where I wanted it. I then attempted to change the colour again of the block image and guess what it did exactly the same thing and "crashed" I took screen shots including the taskmanager if your interested. The saved files seemed excessively large as for an A4 size page. It is a very basic image with text a certificate of a swimming milestone for ABI swimmers. Thought I would have had this done and dusted in say an hour or so but I have spent a considerable amount of time on it due to the "crashes" and writing in this forum. Images blurred for privacy reasons.
  8. I know this is a bump but I just wanted to say thank you to the feedback and resolution to my problem. Because of the replies and fast response form you guys, I have finally been able to purchase Affinity Photo and just now without knowing all the features of the product was able to modify two photos within minutes. I needed to overlay them with just some of the photo showing though the other. I have been stuffing around in PS /CS /CC previously. I love the fact that I own the product no more subscription. When I save up some more I'll consider getting Affinity Designer.
  9. Hi PM'ed you with link. Perhaps you could set up a location on your site that allows the file to be uploaded directly but private only to Serif Affinity staff. Supply a personalised upload link? thanks for the quick response.
  10. Currently run beta designer for windows v1.5.0.4 (win8.1 i5 2500K overclocked to 4gHz 8GB RAM, Samsung SSD + many other hard disks.) Created my master piece but the print shop wants me to give them the format in pdf, OK no problems, but... When I export to print I (original use document resolution) end up with extra image information (like it is displaying the edges of the images- perhaps you cold call them shadows or lines) in some places. When I use the export to "pdf export" option these anomalies don't show up. The image in designer doesn't' show any "extra shadows-lines" only in pdf for print. When export to .png it is also clean no shadow/line type of noise. Any ideas why the pdf gives two different results in this the case? Thanks.
  11. A program I can purchase without a subscription.. I like that idea. Thanks for letting me play with the Beta. Thanks to the Affinity team for bringing your designer program to Windows. I do volunteer work and make things usually in Adobe PS. while I am still getting my head around designer (beta) I have already created a Certificate of recognition for our Acquired brain (ABI) swimming team that will be presented to them individually next week. Some teething problems and some new ways of doing things but I was surprised at how much i could do without reading any instructions! Look forward to your windows path growing. Thanks.
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