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  1. I have my Affinity duo (Designer and Photo) running on two different platforms: Mac OS 10.12 and Windows 10. On my Mac, I can adjust the sliders for character spacing that they can be less than 0. However, on my Windows version (for both apps), the slider is set at a default of 0 for this setting, and the slider is already all the way over to the left, so I can't set the text characters to be closer than they are at default. Is this a known bug? It's the same way on both of my Windows 10 devices (both Surface Pros running the latest Windows 10, but not Insider builds). It's super frustrating when I'm away from home and need to edit the text and can't fix the spacing. I can change the word spacing, but not character spacing. Any ideas?? Please??
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    Bad luck?

    Good idea. I'll work with the beta until the next release. Thank you!
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    Bad luck?

    Not sure whether I just have bad luck with these two things, or whether others using Affinity Designer 1.5.1 on MacOS Sierra.... BUT: My font list is acting weird. It's jumpy when I scroll down the list. Almost like in one of the recent versions of the Windows Beta. AND my color swatches are messed up. It doesn't show recent colors anymore in either the color picker at the top left hand side or on the right hand side tab. When I had this issue with my first Windows Beta, the recent colors at least shows on the tab on the right hand side of the window. Not in the Mac version. Neither of these two things is an issue in Photo. Just throwing in my two cents. Otherwise, EXCELLENT job with these apps. Seriously!!! Thank you!