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  1. I have had further discussions with Daminion and have recently received the following quote Hi Graham, Thank you for the detailed description! The problem might, indeed, be related to the fact that affinity files are not natively supported by Daminion. We have registered the request to add the native support, but we need to get more user requests before adding it to our roadmap. Adding new format support is a pretty complex task and we need to get more requests to do it. Kind regards, Daria Un quote
  2. Psenda I tried to register, but it asked me to check if username was available, but did not tell me where to do that.
  3. v_kyr In the example which I attached. The date shot was 18-07-2018; but the date created was 22-12-2019. Presumably that is because I did not process the file until end of 2019. I will study the documentation, which I have now downloaded and try to disentangle the problem I really appreciate your help.
  4. More questions, I am afraid. 1: Presumably I can substitute NEF or DRG (Nikon Raw) for ORF 2: Sometimes I only have the .afphoto file, not the raw. Presumably I would have to make a temporary jpg file which exiftool could access to extract the date. 3: The date I want to capture is DateShot (see screen shot attached), which does not appear in your list of examples. What EXIF name would that have?
  5. I am having difficulty with this. IFor method 1 it is too late to deal with the many files I already ahve. For method 2, I am not sure what goes into the xyz element. Then, how do I use the external exiftool? I shall do a search for some advice, but if you can point me to a source that is understandable to a non expert, then I would be grateful. Reflecting further on your initial comments, I may not need to alter the file date itself. What I am doing is organising my photos (and other material) in the Daminion data asset manager. need only chnage the creation date withi daminion to achieve the sort on my photos that I want, That still requires that I extract the date shot from the metadata. I have put this problem to Daminion (who are incredibly helpful) so that it can be writtrn to the Daminion date created field. I will point them at exiftool to see if it helps their processes. Thanks for the thoughts. SAny further advice would be welcome.
  6. This is possibly naive, and may have a simple solution. It seems that when I process a raw file in APh and save that as an affinity photo file, the file date is the date that I first saved that APh file, not the date shot I would like to batch change this date to the "date shot", which still exists within the exif data Is there any way to do this? Could a macro be created to do this?
  7. A recent post on Facebook Designer group praises "text by speech". How do I find out about this? Does it also apply to Publisher and Photo?
  8. Thanks for the extra comment. I will try to grasp the concepts.
  9. OK will try That worked, thankyou. But I am still not clear about the panel at the top of the text styles panel, what it is for, and why it is there. Another tutorial video from Affinity would be useful at some stage. Once again thanks for prompt, clear advice
  10. Op system Windows 10 Pro version 1909 Affinity Publisher latest version checked I was experimenting with layered master pages in APub. It is not clear whether this is the cause of the issue, or is it due to the particular fonts I am using.? Also I have 2 font groups in play. When I create a new text box (in my case called Body Slide) it is created at 'Body Slide+', which adds italic mode (presumably a leftover from clearing the Lucida Calligraphy from a buffer). If I appl Body Slide again, I would expect the italic mode to disappear. It does not. (For information: the body slide text style is identical to the default body except that the text fill is white} (For information: The Base text style has been changed to Trebuchet MS as a font. No other changes. A new style group called Headings uses Lucida Calligraphy, Yellow) The problem is illustrated in the attached video clip ScreenRecorderProject1.mov
  11. I have recently completed the Udemy course "Affinity Designer, Solid Foundations" by Simon Foster. Thoroughly enjoyed it (17.5 hours of video!). In one section, Simon used the scenario of proposing a presentation to a client using artboards, symbols, Simon has 30 years experience as a professional designer, and it shows. The course starts with basics, but leads on to more advanced workflows The section on Presentations works well so far as it goes. But if you map the ideas on to PowerPoint, then it misses a few tricks which are nothing to do with Affinity Designer. So could it be developed? And if so, would it then be a useful tool for creating PowerPoint presentations? The presentation below sets out this opportunity, which I am pleased to say I have discussed with Simon, though the words used are entirely mine. Sample artboards can be downloaded - see notes below video. It is more of an exploration than a tutorial. (There are notes with timings for the topics covered after the You Tube posting. Some relate to Affinity features that gave a few problems)
  12. Well done Serif I am too old and lack the skills to take advantage of the offer you have made, but I applaud it. I have been a Serif customer since 2001, and follow the development of your company with great interest. (Still looking forward to your DAM!)
  13. Affinity Photo 1,7: Flood select has stopped working.All other functions seem OK (including brush select). Any suggestions? [ PROBLEM SOLVED: OBJECT i WAS TRYING TO SELECT WITH FLOOD SELECT TOOL NEEDED TO BE RASTERISED]
  14. Yes. If I export brushes, I get a Windows dialog I thought I would check back. If I try to export the styles category now, I also get a Windows dialog. It seems something was jammed, and is no longer jammed. Irritating, but I suspect we will not find it now! (Footnote: Windows has been automatically updated in recent days)
  15. Dan C File data as requested Regards Graham objectstyles.propcol
  16. walt. Farrell And therein lies the problem I have spent a lot of time importing styles from sets I have accumulated over the years, so I would lose a lot by doing a reset. If possible I want to avoid that. Also, I do not need in the short term to export styles, so the costs outweigh the benefits. Nevertheless, I would like to track down the problem.
  17. Dan C As this is a new machine resetting presented no problems. However, I did not select "reset object styles" as this would mean a lot of work if the styles were lost. I should point out that Designer is behaving in an identical manner Still no result. I have used a workaround so that I do not need to export styles at the moment, but it would be good to get to the bottom of the problem. Thanks for your patience
  18. Sadly no change. Incidentally the next item down "show as list" is also not working
  19. I have done as you suggest (including doing a disk cleanup, and a Norton file cleanup). I do not get a windows dialog when I select "Export Styles Category' Regarding the ipad, it worked well once I had discovered the location of the styles tab! My ignorance is now marginally less than it was!
  20. I wish to export some styles from Affinity Photo or Designer to transfer them elsewhere. When I select a styles category and select "export styles category", nothing seems to happen. If it is exported I do not know where. I am using Affinity Photo on Windows 10 pro 64 bit Also Styles that I have imported into the PC will not import from iCloud into the iPad (Ipad Pro). Advice plse
  21. For example, when trying to import macros onto AP Ipad, I found that the only way was to copy the file to the icloud. Evene copying to the iPad files app did not work. Also, I cannot open files from or save files to an external drive. (This was, of course only a possibility with IOS13). Other apps that I have (e.g. Luma Fusion which is one of my replacements for Serif MoviePlus) has been able to access remote drives even before IOS 13, and can now access connected external drives. So we know it is possible.
  22. Thankyou The problem is that your tutorials are all of high quality, and we amateurs tend to rely on them for techniques we only use occasionally
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