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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Michelle_5 in Vector Brush strokes export rasterized   
    Thanks for your reply. You guys are so good at responding here.
    So these 200 vector brushes aren't strictly vector at all, not even in Affinity Designer.
    I was already sure that the textured brushes weren't vector, but it's disappointing to find these new brushes aren't either. 
    Anything lined up to add true vector brushes a la Adobe Illustrator to the road map of new features? 
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    iamtheblues reacted to MattP in Affinity Designer for Windows has launched!   
    If you don't think that £29.99 as a one-off payment for a vector drawing package and bundled extras is fair, then you will not be happy with the software as you obviously don't see the value in it, so I would recommend not purchasing it at present. I use the software personally and have purchased my own copy DESPITE working here and actually being able to get it for free - because I use it all the time for so many tasks and seems SO fairly priced that I just don't mind paying for it!
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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Skyesofrock in Convert font selector into autocomplete search box.   
    It's a bit of a deal-breaker for me, I don't really want to switch applications to disable fonts in Suitcase, when a font search facility in AD would solve the problem.
    Whilst on the subject, is there any reason why the font list couldn't be extended to accommodate more fonts on view at a time, 25 in the list would help.
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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer Public Beta - (Windows)   
    Very pleased to report that installing beta has fixed the problem I was having with the Font List closing down Affinity at random points during scrolling through the fonts.
    All seems to be working normally now. I 'd like to thank all those involved in this fix,
    One happy bunny, Bob.
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    iamtheblues reacted to dominik in Affinity Designer Public Beta - (Windows)   
    Hello Bob,
    I've been following this thread with interest but without any idea for a solution.
    Reading about your troubles and your idea of installing Windows from scratch made me at least try with my current install of AD.
    I have 567 fonts active and I am sure some of them are of minor quality (due to their origin from some internet source).
    I created a frame text box and an artistic text line and typed in a word. Marked the letters and then scrolled through my fontlist in the top left corner of the window. I also did this with the font list in the type panel.
    No crash happened.
    I am not writing this to make you feel even more frustrated. But I think it has to do more likely with the list of fonts installed on your machine than with the windows installation.
    In the past days there were several threads related to bad fonts in the forum.
    Before going the hard way and reinstalling Windows, I'd rather disable most of the fonts and see if this changes anything.
    This is just my two cents and I sincerely hope you get this sorted out.
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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer Public Beta - (Windows)   
    I have now reinstalled and deactivated all except the system fonts.
    I opened a new file and typed a couple of words which were in Arial, the default font.
    As soon as I clicked on the font dropdown box the program shut down with an error message
    "An Unhandled Exception has occurred. Code: 0x80004003"
    Upon restart I get the Crash Reporter Reference: 69abf12e-da33-41ee-9962-af578fda6879.
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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer Public Beta - (Windows)   
    Going back in time to hasn't helped. I'm going back to the future now.
    I'm in the process of deactivating all my font sets and just leaving the system fonts active.
    Then I will reactivate each set individually and see if this trial-and-error method uncovers some rogue fonts. I may be gone some time...
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    iamtheblues got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity Designer Public Beta - (Windows)   
    OK. I'll scroll v-e-r-y- s-l-o-w-l-y though the font list and see if it is the same font(s) each time.

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