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  1. AD not support Zeplin, Avacode, Invision end ect.. And its very problematically to use AD design for UI. How Developers can work with AD projects? Do you have some plans for this?
  2. I hope you will add this function. Really must have. It is not cool to jump from one app to another.
  3. Why I can not use perspective tool in AD? How I can make normal mock-up in AD?
  4. YOU MY HERO!!!!!! Its resolve problem. But. WTF, if i want to see PX, not PT?
  5. I do not want this update. After this update I can not work in affinity normally. Controversial change to pixel documents: 100% view now maps document pixels directly to screen pixels. If you have a retina Mac you will now see 100% view showing a pixel in the document on each pixel on your display. Where i can download 1.4 without this function?
  6. :( Yep. Sad story. It is not comfortable. I will not use the application, from this moment. They've spoiled everything.
  7. Now, when I want to view 100% - my windows size is to small, like in photoshop. WTF? I do not understand. Why Affinity do this sh*t in new version?
  8. Fit - its not actual size. In preview version I use ⌘1 - and all was great. :(
  9. Hello. I make update and now have problem with view size on iMac 27. My artboart looks small. Preview version do not have some problems. Where I can change preview size project for Retina display?
  10. I really have problem with Affinity. Developers do not want work with affinity designer project. Because no Avocode support, no Zepelin support, no InVision support. How developer can get object info easy? Like Avocode or Zepelin. Now, Affinity Designer - it is not good instrument for UI. When you create Affinity Designer you must understand, that developers will use project. And Affinity do not have nothing for developers. (Only slice instruments). How developers can fast get info CSS (in one click) for button or text? I need to make my UI design in Sketch. :( Its more faster and easy for developers. Maybe you will make special app for this? Thanks.
  11. But how developers can work with project in affinity? They need to get info size from object, colors and etc.
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