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  1. Is this something the updated AD and AP have yet? I'm interested too, as I have many Illustrator brushes. Thanks!
  2. Michael, I just updated my AD and AP. The downloaded file from @Yannik worked fine for me, except that when I imported the two afbrush files they are not showing up in my brush list on both AP and AD. So now you've got me wondering why! The UI swatch imported beautifully on both programs and is working great. It's only the .afbrush files that are not showing in the list, even though i got a popup that said the brushes were installed. Yannik thanks for these files! QB Debbie
  3. I've purchased Photo and Designer both, although my preference is to use Designer. I've spent many hours learning from the Affinity tutorials (good job making those too!) I'm not a graphic designer by trade, but love creating my own business graphics. To this end I'm working on a project that I started in Designer, but all of a sudden I could not find the clone tool. Nor did I find it in the help section. So I go over to Photo and sure enough, there is a clone tool. However, when I go to bring up my saved file from Designer (afdesign), Photo says it can't open that file type? Do I have to 'export' the file from Designer simply to work on this one small area of the project in Photo? Honestly, this may be enough to drive me back to Photoshop. I already have tons of actions and styles I can't use in Affinity products - at least as far as I can tell. I understand having different versions of a product, but there are some things that seem universal - including not just copying an area, but needing to clone a particular layer in another area. This is a file I'd created in Photoshop many moons ago. Thanks for any assistance! Debbie
  4. Hello All! I've enjoyed reading your intro's, as well as some of your concerns. When I read the comment that Affinity is against subscriptions I was SO excited that I hustled over to the app store and purchased! I'd downloaded the trial version and have been watching the video tutorials. I'm not a complete newbie when it comes to graphics, but I am not a graphic designer. However, I'm working on my QueenBeesCoaching website and realized I needed more knowledge as I'm stuck on my page design. Hiring programmers for my commercial website has pretty much emptied my pockets, so I'm going to have to do more myself. And, not being interested in subscriptions either, I started researching and ended up here. I'd like to learn how to use this software so I can bring out more of my artistic side. Right now I'm trying to figure out a simple crop on part of a vector graphic, but it looks like I'll have to study more. I DO appreciate all of you who add to the forum knowledge base, as well as the Moderators. Being the Super Admin/Moderator on my own forums had shown all the trials the Mod's go through. Now back to exploring and watching more videos......
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