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  1. There's a free alternative to it, it's called Dragon Bones, it used to be a flash plugin and now it's a standalone software. http://dragonbones.com/en/index.html
  2. I've just found a bug. Running on W7 Hit Save As > Create a Folder > Delete it > AD crashes
  3. Hey! If you're using Windows, just download it and install with your serial from Affinity Shop. If you're using Mac, just download it from App Store
  4. Hello, MEB, thanks for your answer. If the filter was rasterized, It would be great, but it seems to be just discarding the filter. Btw, I've managed to make a work around, trying to simulate it on PS creating a new layer, but the result was not 100%.
  5. Hey, what's up. I've already made the change for full Affinity Suite, but as I'm making some freelancer work, my clients still using Photoshop. Is there a way to export to PSD and preserve the live filters that PS doesn't have? Something like rasterize or flatten the Lighting Filter, for example?
  6. Thanks for your feedback, Kodiak. Glad you liked it :)
  7. Hey, verysame, what's up? I didin't tried undocking one by one, but it worked pretty good. I was searching for an option for that, heh, thanky you!
  8. Hey, is there a way to make AP look like Photoshop CS2? Since I'm using a HD screen, the docked studio occupies a lot of space. I want it to look something like that:
  9. Pretty cool, uckmi. There's a lot of places that you could sell your work, istockphoto.com is one of them, but maybe someone with more experience on that could help you better.
  10. Here is the last work I've done with AD and AP for Windows. Really loving this suite. Images attached to the topic and the final result in the link. https://fb.com/canvas_doc/336327676731089 (You gotta open it with a mobile to work). Translation: 1) This is your room without our products. 2) This is your room with our products. 3) A lil' introduction to our motion sensor product 4) More infos about it + link to our eshop.
  11. Yup, not working... https://1drv.ms/i/s!Akhb17gdXEOJmkd3lIwilR1m4TBB 1) Write the text 2) Do whatever else 3) Go back to the text edit mode 4) CTRL-A and it create a selection instead of selecting all text
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