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  1. Any News here? Do i have to re-arenge all the windows on all our macs seperately?
  2. Any News here? Is there a chance affinity Designer & InDesign will ever work together with copy&paste?
  3. Hey Affinity-Guys, it would be great if we could optional deactivate the dynamic zoom when we use the glass tool.... Would be great when there would be an Option like in Photoshop or Illustrator to deactivate the dynamic zoom. THX!!! Harry
  4. Hey YOU DID IT! THX!!!!!!! So GREAT!
  5. Anyone tested this with the new Version of AD 1.6 and the New Creative Cloud 2018? Perhaps now this is working? THX for your Ideas!
  6. It would be so great if it would be possible to copy and paste editable vectors to Adobe InDesign. It works between Illustrator and InDesign – and even between Affinity Designer and Illustrator. But not the most important way from Affinity Designer to InDesign. The workflow for me and many Designers would be Creating Logos etc. in Affinity Designer and then making Brochures etc. in InDesgin. It would be such an improvement if the Logo would be NATIVELY in InDesign – not imported as an uneditable EPS or PDF. I hope someone from the developing team will be reading and understanding this :-) THX for your GREAT work!!!
  7. Any News? Create a vector and copy it to InDesign? Any Chance doing this? THX!!!
  8. Oh no – it doesn't work – i tried it right now :-( Any plans for it? It is so anoying working in InDesign and Affinty Designer without Copy / Paste :-( Any News?
  9. Hey i think this is working now on 1.5, isn't it?
  10. Do you think this Feature will be on your list? It's so usefull to copy some elements of an illustrator file and paste it in InDesign. Why doesn't it work in AD? Have you plans to do it? THX!
  11. Hello Affinity Users! It's my first post and i am only getting started working with AD :-) My first question: the zoom tool..... Is there an Option like in Photoshop to deactivate the dynamic zoom? THX! Harry

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