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  1. ew ugly ,but thanks for the link ..hate flat icon clipartish look ..very unrealistic. modern is realism .After all that is the SCORM standard which the UI/UX is part of. Those icons aren't the SCORM standard
  2. dang I wanted to do 3d in photo ,and its windows You have wix collection working so really how hard is it
  3. 3D.Invigorator.PS.6.1.1 wont work nor will alien skin Eye candy 7.1 at least the alien skin will show up in the menu,but grayed out
  4. I tried to buy Affinity Photo on the last day ..no dice as the paypal didnt work..now i will loose the plugins ,and the deal. No problem with the the Designer .I even tried an alternate Paypal method .Nope your pay pal email doesn't work. What gives.
  5. nope been trying to buy via paypal and still brings me back to the payment option screen ,and yes already bought designer via paypal. Apparently if you had a paypal name like xara group or number or email I could pay u directly then it would be fine as my card wait in limbo..nope tried the affinity email to pay u guys still cant pay ..would like to buy photo dang now it seems time is running out what gives .
  6. Magix/xara has lower end editors..I doubt serif will go the VE route. I do belive XARA will combine the best of Sony and Magix Video pro in the near future, That would be cool.
  7. It has nothing to do with installing..this has to do with not having the styles in the first place .Also, we are talking about Ui kit here. thanks
  8. is ther eone that we can import from adobe or somewhere that u can suggest ..look a xara 3d its in the xara designer
  9. still no response on getting styles with the kit as I didnt get it the styles
  10. Figures avoid what i say due to the fact i mention Amiga as it puts fact, and a thorn in all of your sides. Free yes and superior software on the Amiga side. Yes I mentioned magix its here comes blender ,and resolve this or that.It seems as though that as soon as anyone that mentions an Amiga that person doesn't know crap.Funny we are the ones that started the Editing on every level ,and use still superior software and hardware. Yet you continue to look for the answers.i give you the better alternative sad sad shame. Well, it is what it is maybe serif will do pretty good with affinity
  11. Kicking the tires ,and many more you woudl have had all those answers ,and tools so early on.Plus many more that you will never attin with any of these: Aegis Draw, ProDraw (Professional Draw) from Gold Disk Inc., DrawStudio, Art Expression, ProVector, and for some basic vector graphics, also the tools of Professional Page and PageStream are useful. True these are on Amiga classic as its called,but jsut making a point AS for the VE for x86 akak mac=pc try MAGIX it rocks it has variying degrees advances http://www.magix.com/us/products/ choose video and select where u fit in or readjust.. go from there the operating system doesnt mind at all as they all work from win 7 above.
  12. ACtually there was and is IT was the Sheepeople part of you .Ie forced on you. ,and you didnt kick the tires.The Amiga still out weighs the Adobe stuff.Really Image Fx, Millieum, and many more. all this stuff was so good .. Windows companies bought it outright from Kermit. humm Still cant beat quailty as some where relased on windos ,and failed miserably. Due to downgrading for windows/mac side. This showed the inferioty of the x86. Since,the Toaster/Ligthwave for the Pc/Mac which is better then any Adobe product .The PC/MAc Toaster/Lightwave can't compete against any orginal Amiga Toaster/FLyer . The Engineers and the CEO has said so Therefore Adobe surely isnt the greatest since sliced bread , and it isnt .. I dont know what is with this fake sitgma of Adobe and Mac ,but it is a bunch of horse blah.Affinity comes out with stuff in beta ,and its it doesn't have this or that ..danggum its beta.Give Serif a break.. Adobe stuff sucks .i could give a littinty of problems with Adobe.its. not the defacto standard. Do you realize they still use Amiga in Hollywood ,and othere places like NASA.,,and TBN .Serif with its Affinty is striving to be better by being unique,and and again better at the same time ..with a better gui(interface) .It adds stuff. also. Nothing is perfect,but Serif is doing pretty good. Summary keep it up the GOOD work Serif ,and oh yeah can u get a plugin in for 3d objects,and maybe wrap text around obects :unsure: :D
  13. Amiga toaster/flyer you know true 48bit and true 64bit cpu. unlike pc= mac true 8bit all around inclunding cpu
  14. wil there be a 3d plugin or addon so that we can do a real 3d for text or whatever
  15. Yeah have that with the Toaster,but goes further.Then add the Flyer to go even further
  16. Not knocking affinity ,buI agree the rest suck right now .The one i use is xara,and xara or Magix just bought out Sony vegas ,and might just combine video pro x7..and Vegas who knows ..I have tried them all Video Pro x7 from Magix aka Xara really kicks ..butt you should try it.
  17. hum actually made by macromedia One would think all you had to do is decompile the program then see what it exports out to..nah they know.
  18. Also Photo Impact man would that bring over a few more wow ..hum yeah good luck on both of ours.
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