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  1. Update: I used the direct Credit/Debit payment method instead of PayPal to determine whether the problem was coming from the card or the website. My bad, it turns out the card itself was declined. But I only knew this from the notification that the website gave me. Perhaps you should look into the notification for when the payment is declined for those who use the PayPal route.
  2. I'm experiencing a bug on the Affinity website when I attempt to purchase Affinity Photo for Windows via Paypal. Every time I click Pay Now on the final Paypal purchasing page, it just keeps redirecting me back to Affinity Photo's payment method page. No error messages, no congratulations, just a redirection to the payment method page. It is worrying to be clicking Pay Now multiple times, but thankfully I have not been charged for it. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.
  3. I've always been interested in Affinity ever since designers have popularised it as a strong alternative to Adobe products, but I'm a Windows user primarily. I got excited when I knew of Affinity's Windows beta programs, but I'm not much of a beta tester, so I waited. When I heard Affinity released its final Windows version of Affinity Designer, I obviously went straight ahead and purchased it. I have to say I am blown away by the amount of features I am getting for the price tag! My initial assumptions was that Affinity Designer was geared more towards UI/UX Layout design specifically, and definitely far too early in its days to be considered an Illustrator alternative. To my surprise, it seems to have a strong workspace for digital illustrators and artists as well, much to my delight, since I am a digital illustrator myself. Either way, I just wanted to commend Serif on their good work, which from my personal perspective, is an indirect form of fighting against the monopoly Adobe has over the design industry. Two things I love about Affinity Designer right off the bat: 1) The speed 2) The price tag to features ratio (the additional 3 pack plugins were awesome as well!) I really am impressed. Such an excellent alternative. Thank you so much!! I look forward to learning a lot more and upgrading in the future :D :D :D
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