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  1. You can create a double master page spread, then click on either left or right side of this master and drag onto your fresh created page (left or right) and this way you can apply only left or right “half” master page elements/distribution to the fresh effective page be careful not to clic on the master page icon center, you should clik either left or right.... seeing the corresponding hilighting I hope this helps you
  2. space for displaying page numbers is a bit too small (think of if more than 100 pages....)
  3. Sometimes Style Names doesn't correctly update when creating a TOC style duplicating another (screenshot). And the naming - renaming - applying - creating Styles (everywhere) is a bit cumbersome and inconsistent Emilio
  4. little problem with scroll bar when a document has a lot of pages.... it dissapears behind end of window..... see screenshot
  5. with "linked preferred" in document's setup, the app continues to "embed always" the images....
  6. packaging proyects is very interesting..... BUT.... like ID, a package needs that the receiver (self or other) uses a compatible version of the generating app (ID or whatever). for a propietary/personal use..... a good archiving policy is better than packaging for another/printer/typesetter ’s use....... better an interchange format: PDF can be a better solution, or EPS, or SVG, or the like
  7. metric, inches, picas or whatever has to be continuously translated in computer measurements (computer screen size and resolution, printer density and size, typesetter measurements, size and density, etc...) so the translatrion between traditional measurements is really unimportant, are only methods in an object or module or routine in the app. but could be interesting, could be.... for people who use picas.... time passing .... lesser
  8. literals overlapped in this dialog when greater text interface selected in preferences (.... problems in the future when localizations to other languages are ready... german, spanish, etc...????? [longer words])
  9. I've identified theTOC ordering problem.... If the frame containing a hierarchical superior (supraordinated) line is created or pasted after a frame with a subordinate text item also compiling for the TOC, the result is that this last frame/text appears before the previous existing frame/text (subordinated, theoretically). Solution is cutting and re-pasting this previous existing text frame, and after recompiling the TOC, the lines order is the correct. (reordering through the [Layers] panel has no effect)
  10. OK all works more or less as I awaited (and lacking any help, I've seen the answers afterwards) BUT... something happens with the order in which the app finds the different frames with the text&styles which should be inserted when the app compiles a TOC (in my case it is not a continuous text, there are different frames with different chunks of text), because it showed initially an erroneus entry order in the TOC frame. The solution was to cut and then paste the text frame that appeared in the bad order in the TOC. Sorry I don't have the screen images, because it happened with a long and repeated trial-error sequence.
  11. How to create a hierarchical TOC?, similar to the shown in the example I send....
  12. some useful ideas to accelerate working with afpub (if some of this items/procedures exist, I haven’t found them!) could be interesting in providing some procedure to put some master text containers into the master pages that can be activated from the effectively created new pages, that facilitates (through some command, gesture or popup button appearing on the same text frame) to activate it and [always] have a text box-container in a precise position (modifiable?), providing also ways to atomatically receive text flow from other, yet existent, text boxes-frames, inheriting the text characteristics either from de master textbox or the flowing text when is activated in a page. also it is interesting to provide some way to automatically create pages with certain master when a text overflows at the end of a document. So when creating long text files (books or similar), provides a quick way to have a basic structure to work with (....surely a such a beautiful app is not provided only to make 3-page flyers...) the methods to handle inserted or linked (graphic) files is a bit cumbersome.... probably is better to have a palette or someting in the context-command-bar with this capability. The same applies to guides, section and spread managing. it is important to try to simplify method to manage TOCs with all its styles, procedures and so on and a half-bug: in this first version... styles: how to create them, edit, apply, modify etc ... I think is confusing, surely will it be simplified and focused in the future also that some structures like the context-command-bar is only thought for use it with a big monitor.... bad redraw and distribution with small screens like a portable computer (MBPro or the like): editing its content and distribution? could also be interesting a better “zoom to selection” capability.... when keying [command+] the zoom centering to the selected item (now, like in afDesign and afPhoto, “zoom” zooms to the center of the viewed window) And congratulations for this good piece of software Emilio
  13. could be interesting to have either a button or a simple keyboard command to hide ALL... margins, squares containing text or graphics, grid, etc... so in a moment is possible to see EXACTLY how the page will be printed without the interference of all those unprintable elements.
  14. There is a problem when keying vowels with diacritics... accents, instead of "á" or "ä" results in... "´á" or "¨ä" (Cheers for the app!!!!!!)
  15. it is possible to define document characteristics when creating a new document. but it is not possible to change this characteristics (size, dpi, unis, etc) in a document (as I can do in destop/mac version) (Resize doesn't help) sometimes is important to be able to do that, especially when using/modifying external docs. ----- scale definitions are very useful in certain appliances with vector graphics (maps, house/decoration design, etc).... where are this?
  16. it’s true!!!! options to save & cross-platform edit is confusing (sometimes erroneous, since cross-syncing does not work)
  17. The area covered by the tap of a fingertip, and the one of the tip of ApplePencil, are too big, so that it is difficult to select a handle or an object if those are little enough. So the intention to move an object after selecting it, frequently results in changing its size, or viceversa. When "seeing" the area covered by the tap (vía preferences) this is TOO big in radius (I know, its visible size is probably artefactual). The real result is extreme difficulty to either select or resize when you want (in not-so-big objects) Could be problem of System features (iOS) or of Designer features (if is this, then is a bug, or if iOS is guilty is a problem to solve) Emilio
  18. Could be interesting a light grey interface, like in macOS LightGrey interface makes me (and others) easier to locate and use icons/buttons/....
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