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  1. drippy cat, thanks very much for this. I'll just second all the earlier e-motions. I'm hooked too and I think I'll check out your affinity courses. I do have a quick question that I thought would be answered in that intro: I shoot in raw, because I thought it was better to have a raw image with more data in it to work with before editing. So I thought the idea would be to enhance a raw photo, then develop, then export. But both Affinity's tutorials and this one seem to assume that we'll do most of our editing using a jpeg image. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having raw? What am I missing? thanks!
  2. kunmingjay

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    Wow! Well done. And thanks!
  3. Hi MEB. Yes, that's the answer to one problem. the width was only 1 px. and when I increased to 100px it became a circle. However as far as I can tell it still doesn't do anything. Thanks, J
  4. I have the same problem. I've set it up as in the tutorial (high freq off, low on); clicked on the plaster, chosen healing brush. I get a small black cross (looks like a plus sign) and a slightly larger white cross hair. I alt slide my finger on the touch pad (macbook air, no mouse) to choose a source. Then I try to rub out a blemish. However I don't get a brush at all. Just the black and white crosses. I have had some success getting the blemish removal to work though.
  5. I just spent at least a 1/2 hour trying to figure out where the rotate tool was, thinking I must be crazy. Now I see there isn't one in Develop, which I find pretty bizarre. Let us know when this is fixed - I guess I won't be using this app to work on anything needing rotation till it's fixed, which is pretty limiting. Hope you sort it out before the end of my trial so I know whether it makes sense to buy - my first impressions, primarily from the tutorials, are very positive but this is a problem.