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  1. I was excited to try this out in the 1.7 betas of Photo and Designer, only to discover that it _still_ doesn't work. Very disappointing, as I use this hundreds of times a day in Photoshop.
  2. Starting with 1.5, this works with the shape tools (where I have no use for it), but still doesn't with the marquee tool (where it is absolutely essential to me). I'm now somewhat disappointed … is this just an oversight?
  3. 1. That's a pity. Your workaround doesn't seem to work for me, at least not without releasing the mouse button. What I want to do is start a marquee selection, reposition the upper and left edges of it, and then finish selecting the right and bottom edges. This is extremely useful for selecting rectangles with rounded corners, where you have a hard time starting the selection from the exact "invisible" corner point. Is there a chance for this feature to get added? I'm absolutely amazed it's not there yet as I consider this a very basic Photoshop selection feature I thought everybody used. (Edit: I just checked, and even Pixelmator has this. Please do add it to Affinity Photo!) 2. Great to hear this! 3. I don't want to change the shortcuts. I just want the default shortcuts that are visible in the Preferences window to actually work! The Ctrl + Alt + Drag shortcut is neat though.
  4. I've got a few questions: 1. Is there a way to move the starting point of e.g. a marquee selection while still in the process of selecting? In Photoshop, this works by starting to drag, holding Space and continuing to drag. I use this all the time. (It works for the built-in OS X screenshot facility as well, btw.) 2. When the prefs window is the topmost one and I try to close it using Cmd+W, I always end up closing the document window behind it instead. Is there a reason for this awkward behaviour? 3. [ and ] don't change the brush size for me, although they're set as shortcuts in the prefs window. I assume this is a bug? (I am using a German keyboard, where square brackets are entered through Optn+5 and Optn+6.)
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