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  1. The Inpainting Brush Tool stopped working several days ago. I am on a pixel layer so am not sure what else to do to recover this function. Have rebootedd with no luck. The tool no longer has the circle brush to paint over but it just goes to a large plus sign. You can dra a thin line but nothing is erasing. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Don
  2. Hi, Somehow I changed to canvas size that the picture sits on. Cannot figure out how to get it back to the default or full picture mode. Also I have several thousand old slides and photos that I am trying to clean up. Is they a way via batch or a macro that could run on them to eliminate the tedious work of each slide or photo? Appreciate any help. Thanks, DEM
  3. I just viewed this video and cannot get the pasted picture to expand to the size of the image I pasted into. It only cover a minor portion to the upper left hand corner. It will not allow me to move or modify it. I am sure it is my lack of knowledge but would appreciate any help. Thanks to all that respond. Don
  4. Hi, Relative newbie. Just watched videos on use of Gradients. I have copied the steps shown but the picture I am doing it for never shows back up. It just stays the colors I selected. Sure this is very basic just can't find a solution and the videos don't show this. Also as a side issue I can never find where to make a new post, any suggestions? Thanks for any help. dem
  5. Hi Andrey, I aam trying to replicate what you ststed below. I am working on a jpeg that I took of frame off an 8m movie, circa 1978. When I try to switch to Develop Persona I get this error message - Please select an RGB pixel layer" which I don'y see". Have attached a photo for any recommendations if you have any. Thanks for any help. Don IMG_2254x.afphoto
  6. Hi, I have both Solid Foundations and 5 Easy Steps. I am very eager to colorize some of our B&W photos. Is this available in what I have or where can I get it. Thanks for any help, really enjoy your tutorials. Don Mcguiney
  7. Today I was notified that I was a AP 1.5 beta candidate. I haven't been able tp leave my desk. Software appears awesome and look forward to using 1.5 full time. Great Jobf! Don M
  8. Kd1, Sorry if I confused you. I do not use Photos or Iphoto. I just named my master folder "Photos" on my external drive. Hope this clears it up for you. Don
  9. Hi, That is all I use, the external drive. I create a new folder for any pictures I'm downloading from the card. 1. I create and name the folder and move it or copy it to where I want it to reside. I use Photos as my primary. 2. I then insert my card into the back of the Imac and it comes up automatically. I use a Canon 60D and it brings up two files. I click on the one named Canon 100 and all of the pictures show up in list format by number. 3. i then copy them, 4. Paste them into the folder from above and they are now there. 5. I delete the two files from the card or you will end up
  10. Hi, I bought from Udemy (around $25-$30) which has about 9 hours of video lessons. I found it to be most helpful. Don
  11. Hi, This may not bethe mosst efficient but....I recently bought an IMAC and switched over from Windows. I go to Finder create a folder where I want them and then download from the memory card. I will then copy to that folder and work with them from there. Don
  12. Why when in Adjustment mode the image is shown in different colors, sometimes red or blue? Thank you Don McGuiney
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