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  1. Oh Drats!! thank for letting me know. At what point then do you do stuff in LR before bringing to Affinity? It seems you can do quite a bit in LR alone?!
  2. Many people I know use Lightroom to catalogue their photos. I am trying to totally avoid PS/Lightroom - for (perhaps?!) obvious reasons! ....But i would love to be able to better catalogue our photos. We had been using iPhotos on our Mac, but we just have too many images, so i have moved to storing them on an external hard drive. ...Can anyone explain to me their system of storing and accessing their images? Must admit to not being an overly competent computer user it seems!! LOL. Having them on external hard drive is ok, and have been using tags to seperate into groups, but it just seems cu
  3. Thanks MEB, your input has been helpful, and i have had a look at the article in the second edition of the mag, that is good. one thing i found helpful there was simply the explanation of what is a layer! ..i had kinda figured that one out, but still it was helpful. so i am wondering, is it possible to have something where when you go over an icon, not only does it tell you the name but a little dialogue box comes up to tell you a bit about what it does? maybe this could be a feature you could turn on/ off. so that you could use it when you start but then turn it off. .or perhaps there could
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback :) ...I will check those out and hope I can pick up a few things! ..today, i did figure out how to resize a photo and export it..so I have started!! LOL I think part of my problem is I just have no idea what I can do - yet. But even at a preliminary glance I was happy to choose it over other options, just want to get to use it now! :) ..thanks!
  5. Help! I am not a techno-type person, i have never done photo editing before, haven't got the foggiest what many of these terms mean- or for that matter, why i need them!!, ...but i have a son who is into photography and we homeschool..so I need to learn! ..is there an Affinity for Dummies??! :) ...maybe something written that i can look through, or something to go through each of the buttons and when/why/how to use? also keyboard shortcuts? i am feeling totally overwhelmed!! have watched quite a few videos, but just not sure where to start! any suggestions appreciated!! thanks! :)
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