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  1. Asked them on Twitter, they said they currently have no plans for Android so no point in continuing this topic. Maybe some day.
  2. In time it will reach feature parity, wait for it, it's just the first version for android
  3. Things are much different today than they were 3y ago. We're getting 12L meaning Android is officially back on big screens and not just some Samsung experiment, sales of high end Android tablets are also going up and some nice SW (LumaFusion) is on it's way to Android. Not saying we'll see Affinity on Android anytime soon, or ever, but with recent development I see a bright future for Android on tablets with or without Serif. Btw if they decide to ignore it, some other company will jump in.
  4. Those Adobe products are heavily washed down versions. Yes I know Affinity sw for iPads are also somewhat lite, but way more capable than Adobe's offerings which is why Adobe has announced their full blown photoshop for iPads.
  5. LumaTouch is bringing Lumafusion to Android /ChromeOS so I don't see why Serif couldn't do the same.
  6. Well we know now it's OpenCL. Does anyone know how well it performs vs metal and vs non accelerated version?
  7. WPF you say? https://mspoweruser.com/windows-forms-apps-support-windows-10-arm/
  8. @ktham @Johnny Wan @arcticfox They say that WPF is the problem cuz it's not being ported to ARM. It's being replaced by WinUI 3.0 Look who's excited about WinUI 3.0 (1st comment) https://github.com/microsoft/microsoft-ui-xaml/issues/888
  9. Unfortunately there's a new WinUI framework that they're pushing and Wpf probably won't be supported on arm. It remains to be seen if Affinity team desides to waste time, energy, money on rewriting their code. Whatever they decide to do, I'll understand.
  10. WoA supports arm64 compiled programs, it can't emulate x64
  11. A better question is for how long will you use/support it. It's a decade old.
  12. @Mark Ingram Have you guys considered Vulkan? Unlike Cuda it's available on all gpus and I think it offers comparable if not better performance than Metal. Don't get us wrong Mark, we appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into these programs but this latest feature fragmentation made us feel little left behind and many would for sure feel better if you guys shared some plans for bringing windows suit of apps on pair with their mac counterparts.
  13. Sadly not enough for 400x400px image. You should get an iPod or airpods, anything by Apple for your Affinity software.
  14. PC or Mac? What are the oldest Macs and iPads that support it? My main point on the other hand is that as long as Windows ~$4k workstations are getting their asses handed over to them by iPads we the Windows users have every right to feel like 2nd grade citizens.
  15. Not blaming anyone, just saying that they shouldn't bare the same version number when the biggest feature of 1.7, hw acceleration is missing in windows version (and probably won't be included for a looonnnggg time) and that there should be a disclaimer regarding "fastest editing software" when people are having enormous slowdowns on their threadripper/gtx 1080ti systems. Let people know what they're buying and what to expect.
  16. I'm not being harsh, I'm being realistic....it's the reality that's harsh.
  17. Or at least be a bit more honest in their marketing material: "Affinity 1.7 for Mac and 1.7lite for Windows now available". Or "1.7 kind of edition".
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