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  1. Many thanks. plenty of good points to bear in mind. I am putting 2-3 hours daily, currently mainly going though various Affinity Designer and Photo courses. Loving it as I get used to it.
  2. Update: I have bought the Wacom Intuos PTH-860. arrived today. First impressions is that it is as large as I expected and needed. Second impression ...I will have a good play this week and see. Question please: Do I really need a Screen protector on this? So far I like the feel (tested on Krita and Affinity Designer so far). As it's not a "screen", will slight scratches be: a- easy to do (i am naturally a light touch) b- easy to remove. Thanks.
  3. attached is the model number I am thinking of getting. It's at a great price ATM. Looks like a japan import, so i am worried about warranty. I will save £64 if i buy this, not sure it's worth the hassle if I cant get warranty. Any thoughts please.
  4. Thanks. I have settled on the Wacom L as my first buy. Just looking for the right deal now e.g the latest model at the right price (2nd hand or new). Is there any harm in getting an older model? What will i be loosing out on, if any? Cheers for all the help and advice.
  5. Many thanks for all the help I have gotten here, it has certainly made me think twice and then some before buying. Can some tell me the difference between these Wacom Pro Intuos Large models: Intuos PRO Large PTH-860-N (seen on Amazon UK) PTH860 (seen on the Wacom US store) I have seen these model numbers on a few sites an wondering whether they are the same model, if not what is the difference. What is the 'N' for?
  6. Thanks. Patternnodes is new to me and after having a play it's something I really like, so thanks for the mention. I have been busy on ebay selling a few old stuff i don't need (money in the Attic as we say in UK). My budget is now up to £900!!! A few more sales of ole aquarium lights and pumps and i should have near £1200. So thinking of splitting this between these offerings: 1 - iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen 2 - XP-Pen Artist22E Pro 22inch 3 - Wacom Wacom Intuos Pro Pen Tablet (Size: L) If i can get the iPad Pro 12.9 for a decent price, I will go for the Wacom which gives me a balance for now.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences and choice. I notice you mentioned right at the end that you have a iPad Pro. How does that compare to the Wacom and XP offerings as a drawing / painting option?
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