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  1. I had a bad crash on my early 2013 Mac along with my Time Machine backup failure and essentially have had to start over with a clean install (Mojave). I've managed to get the system restored and Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo installed, but the download of Affinity Designer from the App Store just hangs and won't download. I've tried everything, including the last resort: walking away and sleeping on it! I don't know if I dreamed it or not, but it seems to me that in the distant past I had to get support for this same kind of thing with the App Store. How do I get Affinity Designer reinstalled without having to buy it again? I've already bought it for desktop and iPad, along with Affinity Photo and all the books!
  2. DM1, thank you so much. I was able to get it fixed finally.
  3. My pCloud location login takes me to the wrong account. I cannot access any of my resources. I need to know ASAP how to revise login info from Affinity for iPad apps...or, if not possible, how to delete a Location. My new iPad is worthless to me if I cannot do this. Please help!
  4. dkistner1111

    Letter Spacing in AD for iPad

    Ah, thank you, DM1. I called myself looking for it there but I must have missed it. It still would be very nice to have a gesture-based way to do this!
  5. And while we're at it, how does one edit one's forum settings one is automatically notified of replies to one's posts? I forgot to set it to Notify above.
  6. I set up my pCloud log-in with a different email address from what I use for my Affinity iPad software, and when I first set up a Location to pCloud on my iPad, I was not able to access the files I needed. I went to pCloud and shared the folders with my Affinity email address, but in Affinity iPad there does not seem to be a way to change the log-in information for the account so it logs in with my Affinity email and not the original pCloud account email address. After searching in vain for how to change the log-in for this Location in Affinity iPad, I thought I'd just delete it and add it again with the correct password. But I can't figure out how to do that either. Help!
  7. dkistner1111

    Letter Spacing in AD for iPad

    I'm here to ask another question and have been reading through all the questions to see if it's already been answered. In the case the OP posted, the way I would handle this is to convert the type to curves, then space the individual objects (letters) using the alignment tools, then tweak if needed. Which leads to my question: On AD iPad, how do you convert type to curves? I do this very, very frequently, and that desktop Cmd-Return gets used a heck of a lot. Is there an equivalent for the iPad, preferably gesture-activated?
  8. As far as export possibilities are concerned, I would dearly hope we can export to the Kindle format, retaining CSS styling without hard-coding in HTML. We publish poetry books and have to do some custom styling to get the formatting to handle correctly in the digital version. It's simple once it's set up, but it doesn't lend itself well to typical off-the-shelf prose formats. We always have to tweak the actual CSS. For example, I have a style called "NewLine" that is applied to the entire document (like a body style), coupled with "NewStanza" and "NewDoubleStanza" styles that handle things like this: {NewStanza}*First line of stanza 1. [NewLine}Line 2 that may run long and wrap down, with the runover automatically hung. {NewLine}Line 3 ditto etc. {NewStanza}The start of a new stanza with additional X points of leading and "Keep with Next" protection {NewLine} {NewLine} {NewLine} {NewDoubleStanza}A new stanza the same as a regular {NewStanza} but with double the amount of leading. *{NewStanza}, e.g., is CSS: < p class="NewStanza" >[Text]</p > I am doing all our poetry book publishing (futurecycle.org) by first styling in Libre Office for the printed version (because we dumped all Adobe products), then importing into Calibre to effect the HTML manipulation so I wind up with the clean styling and no hard-coded junk, then finally working in BBEdit to finalize the HTML before uploading to Amazon for the Kindle version. I'm hoping to switch completely to Affinity Publisher for this entire workflow sequence. So far I'm knocked out by how slick AP it's looking and already feel at home with it because I've been using Affinity Designer for our cover work since it came out. Before I put in a lot of testing effort with the Publisher beta, I need to know if you plan to have a STYLE-based (not hard-coded HTML) export to Kindle/export to ePub choice. See below. In the attached two files, the CS- one is exported from Libre Office as HTML. The hard-coding is completely hopelessly unworkable and what I want to avoid. I could care less if machines can read it; I've got to be able to read it myself and train other people in how to create and debug it. The KD- file was an import of the .odt file from Libre imported into Calibre, put through some automatic cleanup via routines I had to program, and then just the body pulled into the middle of the document header and footer for some manual cleanup in BBEdit and CSS tweaking. The KD- file is the kind of file I want to wind up with on an export from Affinity Publisher. (BTW, to explain why I did not link the CSS: Amazon KDP kept changing how it all worked and I didn't trust them. I'd love to be able to link CSS in Publisher and wind up with an export of what I need.) CS-RD-Arabesque-Interior.html KD-RD-Arabesque-Interior.html
  9. They added a PDF export that flattens. It's the one that has (Flatten) at the end of it. I have had no difficulty since then.
  10. dkistner1111

    blur edges only

    Hey, you guys rock.
  11. Well, duh! I was watching Affinity Designer tutorials this morning, something I must make more time for, and discovered the Transparency Tool with balloons tutorial. And there is the solution to my problem of not being able to feather the edges of photos to blend in with color-matched backgrounds. Once I get skilled with this tool, it will give me far more control than Illustrator's simple edge-feathering tool has. But the Elliptical type doesn't quite work the way I'd like it to, being that I often need to feather the edges of square or rectangular shapes. Linear works well, but then I have to make a copy of the photo for each edge I need to feather (usually two) and manipulate further in what should be a one-stop process. It seems to me that a logical place to add a feathering-type effect would be here to allow for both vertical and horizontal adjustment on a square or rectangular shape. Something like the Elliptical type but more squarish. Or maybe there is a way to adjust the Elliptical type to make it more squarish? I'll keep playing, but I wanted to let you know that this was a real relief to me to discover. Thanks, folks!
  12. dkistner1111

    blur edges only

    I really need feathering. As it stands now, I have to send my images that need feathering to my sister, who has the Adobe products, to do what used to be a very simple thing. It's the only way I can blend a smaller image into a background without a lot of extra work in other programs. It's very helpful that we can create a color palette from a document (i.e., the image) and find a background that comes close, but there is still the matter of the hard edge. Nothing else I've tried works as well as the old simple feather from Illustrator. Please, please, please....
  13. I spoke too soon, apparently. I never was able to get the front and back cover slices of that last job output and had to be content with the full PDF export. Now I'm working on another job, and I'm having the same issues. The full-canvas output prints fine but the individual slices print to white. The background is black, so it's not exporting anything for those slices, not the image or anything else. I checked the check boxes in layers in both the Export Persona and the Vector persona and discovered that one can have the exact same layers turned off in one but not the other. That doesn't make sense to me. But I dutifully went through turning everything on I need output, and I'm still getting white slices. I noticed that one can check a crop box to be on or off for export, but I tried both checking it and unchecking it, and it made no difference. I'm frustrated. This just started happening after a recent update to El Capitan on my MacBook Pro Retina. I've never had these problems before. I've got a 45 MB .adesign file that I can't easily upload, but if you need to see it I will do so. I took a few screenshots in hopes that will help you see what I might be doing wrong or what the problem might be. Let me know if I need to upload the AD file somewhere and give you a link to it. CS-WP-InThisMaybeBest-Cover1.pdf Back for Cover Slice.pdf Front for Cover Slice.pdf
  14. Ah! Thank heaven it was something so simple! Gaagghhh... THANK YOU!!!

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