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  1. Awesome, thank you. I can definitely use this for another project. The project in question though, is more of a literary zine with photos of art and essays. I assume I'd be able to do the same with this file.
  2. I posted a thread about this about a day or 2 ago. I honestly hate to sound THIS clueless but, I read these instructions and I have no clue what you are all talking about. I also would like to make a 5.5x8.5 booklet comic book [maga]zine to take to an actual printer, not for my desktop printer, for a run of 300 hundred copies, 30 page booklets in full color. Now, I have had suggestions made before, I assume, under the assumption that the users believed I knew what they were saying. Embarrassingly, all this stuff with Affinity Publisher goes over my head. I try to sit and "get it" but it isn't the same as Photo or Designer. I have used GIMP and Inkscape in the past which has helped to transition to those programs but even in the days of Linux, Scribus was like learning rocket science. I know I'm rambling but is there a kind soul on these forums that can direct me to a visual instruction to create this specific project with the most recent version of Publisher. I have checked on YT and, unless I am searching incorrectly, I can't seem to find the info I need. I apologize for my cluelessness, I'm sure this is a relatively simple process but it really does go over my head.
  3. This is intended for print. I just can't seem to get Affinity Publisher the same way I do the 2 other programs. Since I work mostly in graphic art, this seems more technical
  4. Hello, I am not sure if this was mentioned here before but I am looking for some help creating a booklet. As opposed to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I am having some difficulty getting used to using Affinity Publisher. The main project I am looking to create is a comic book style booklet (ashcan/zine). The final product would be 5.5"x8.5", portrait. I would like to create a template so that I don't have to constantly keep trying to get the same result. Can someone here please help me with this. Thank you.
  5. I was having this problem and for me, the solution was to increase the opacity. It was on 10% and it didn't show ANY change and then I set it to 100% and it went back to normal
  6. Is the iPad version of Affinity Publisher planned on being released?
  7. I hope someone here with a background in professional graphic design work (i am not interested in digital painting or drawing) can help me make a decision on this matter. I am at a loss as to what to invest in. I want to migrate from traditional to digital work vector graphics and typography professionally and I am unsure as to which hardware to invest in. I am not sure if AD/AP (and Publisher [will it come out on iPad]) will be all I need or if I will require other programs. Will the iPad pro be sufficient? Or will I need a desktop? I ask because I had someone tell me that in order to create professional grade typography and text customization and manipulation, I would require a desktop, but any and everything else is capable on the iPad Pro... but I am not sure if he was referring to digital drawing or what. Perhaps, if I explain what it is I am doing, it may help: I am NOT graphic designer in the sense that I paint and draw or whatever, digitally. I am a traditional illustrator (pen and ink). My interests are solely in logo creation (which I know that AD allows me to create vector images already) but I was told I would also need typographical abilities. I don't know what the hell that means since I never worked in digital. I don't know where to go, I am really winging my way around which is really my fault for not getting a long with the times. My main focus is brand management and advertising, so I will definitely be working with photo manipulation and illustration with vectors, as for any other kind of raster based work, I would create in AD as well, as I assume it is capable of this, or Procreate (apologies for dropping the name of another company's product), which is why I am not concerned about digital illustration and painting. I know this is a long post... Anyway, I have downloaded and installed fonts for use in AD but I it seems there is no way to convert them into a vector image so I can just manipulate them, not even sure if that is available in other programs, honestly. I am completely new to this world. I have never used any Mac products until this iPad that was given to me as a gift. I have never used Windows. I have never used Adobe anything except Reader for PDF files. All I know is GIMP and INKSCAPE and MyPaint from using Linux for the past 12 years. My focus has been traditional illustration for 26 years. I want to migrate into digital and do not know how to start. I have definitely fallen in love with AP and AD on this iPad. But even working on a tablet is new to me. I am used to mouse and keyboard. Also, if APublisher is coming out for the iPad, and the iPad Pro can handle all of what the desktop can as well as typographical work, then I know what I will purchase. But I have not gotten an answer to this so I figured I'd try to be as specific as possible. I plan on working freelance, which I was told the software I know is irrelevant but, if I want to work corporate, I would need knowledge of other software, so... can ANYONE here help me with this specific conundrum. I would much appreciate it. I am trying to get on with my work. In the meanwhile, I am teaching myself AD in this 9" 6th Gen iPad....but it's too small to work on as long as I do. Thank you.
  8. Can this kind of work be accomplished on an iPad Pro or is this only possible on a desktop version of Designer?
  9. So in order to accomplish the modification of fonts, I would only be able to do that on the desktop version? If so, on the desktop version, how customizable are the fonts or text? Can I manipulate any font with nodes like a vector shape or not?
  10. Actually, I don't even see those options, all I see is the "Capitals"
  11. Well, I saw the tutorial on typography in Designer but, how much can I manipulate text? Is it possible to take a font and apply nodes to it in order to stretch or change it, or can I just apply these options?
  12. Honestly fellas, this discussion is way above my head... I'm considering just investing in an iPad Pro 12" My only concern is wether or not text or fonts can be manipulated in the iPad version or even the desktop version of Designer. Is there ANYTHING I would be missing out on if I decide on the iPad Pro over the desktop version? I think my main concern is typography, also considering that I was told by an Apple employee that works in graphic design, that Adobe is coming out with a full fledged iPad version of Photoshop and Illustrator....
  13. Hello, I was recently told that typography was only currently able to be performed on a desktop using Adobe. Are these capabilities also possible on Designer for iPad, or, even for the desktop version of Designer? I am simply trying to figure this out before I purchase a new computer.
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