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  1. I'm using the Inkscape technique but, that's kind of cumbersome....
  2. I was referring to https://rtlfixer.com I am aware of the acronym. lol thanks tho.
  3. RTL is an overpriced plugin, ridiculously overpriced. It simply makes no sense that Serif's design suite doesn't support Arabic. It's simply mind boggling. Whoever works at Serfi and handles the fonts, please, fix this issue.
  4. Thanks. The closest thing I found was certificate courses in Linkedin (Affinity Ph, De, Pub Essential Training). The one's on Udemy are too expensive. Unfortunately, there are no quizzes or instructors available to really engage... Would be nice if Serif offered it though. Maybe sometime in the future...
  5. I was wondering if Serif has considered creating a dedicated online learning platform to take someone interested in learning Affinity from beginner to pro and providing a certificate to show that the user learned the ins and outs of the software. I know Udemy offers some of these certificate courses but I think it would be much better coming from the actual company itself. I don't know if anyone has brought this up or requested this but I think it would be pretty awesome.
  6. So my first attempt at an actual photo composite was last year. I just revised it with the little bit I am picking up (I'm not as consistent as I could be) here and there. This is the before and after...I hope it doesn't take me a year to reach level two. I feel like I've reached level one today.
  7. Placed an image of a skull onto my face, then placed it into a CD case mock up for some flair...
  8. I took 2 screen shots of what I'm talking about if I didn't explain it clearly. The file in the screen shots is premade, I want to be able to make the same thing but to my specific needs. Does it matter if I use it in AP or AD?
  9. Recently I was trying out some psd files with embedded layers. The psd file was a sticker label mock up that had an embedded smart layer that I can double-click to enter and edit the content so that it reflects on the original file. I would like to make these but do not know where or how to begin. Are there any tutorials for this, or a name for this technique, I do know that masks and textures are involved which made the "stickers" look real. Can this also be done with an actual 'cut out'? What I normally do is take a Hi-Res image of an asset or element that I would use for a design and clean it up, like the picture I attached. How would I go about recreating these stamps so that I can insert layers where I can edit the content while retaining the look of the original? Thank you.
  10. This is my first attempt at a movie poster. I haven't used AP in a while and was bored and decided to follow the Affinity Revolutions movie poster tutorial and add some flair. I definitely enjoyed the process and am now interested in making some more of these.I know it needs some work but I still need to learn some tricks to make this more interesting. Any advice or feedback is definitely welcome. Thanks.
  11. Just make pop culture shit, they seem to love it. Video game shit. I don't know anything about video games but pop culture, yea, especially if you make it about the pandemic, I'm sure that would sell. Just gotta brand yourself.
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