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  1. Just make pop culture shit, they seem to love it. Video game shit. I don't know anything about video games but pop culture, yea, especially if you make it about the pandemic, I'm sure that would sell. Just gotta brand yourself.
  2. Bruuuuuuuuuuh lol, the better it is the more you can sell it for.
  3. I am not inspired by anything anymore. My passion for anything has died thanks to the bullshit of living in NYC, one of the most culturally diverse and oversaturated and uninspired cities to exist. Politics has deliberately murdered the creative process and has allowed the "normie" to produce safe, politically correct art. Nothing in art, in my own opinion, has been thought provoking for the past 25 years. Whatever people believe is "thought provoking" now is because they are bought and sold the idea that some hype art is thought provoking, hook, line and sinker. Everything has bee
  4. It's totally a hype thing lol. I looked into this NFT art last month, to create it you need to buy Etherium and then make tokens and whatnot. I don't know if this was already explained but, I also didn't bother reading the rest of these posts. I have a profile @PipeBombMedia on one of the main websites that sells this work but, because I didn't have etherium (couldn't buy it either since it wouldn't let me due to an American debit card), I couldn't upload my work for sale which is mad gay.
  5. I am trying to make my text go along with the ellipses like the pic inserted. How can this be accomplished so that the final product remains a circle. Does this technique have a name? How do I get my design to do this? I hope someone can help. Thank you.
  6. Is there a way to keep the clone brush fixed on one spot?
  7. The "S" does look stupid as hell in relation to the other letters in that font
  8. Yea, I used fonts from Dafont and picked em quickly since I was recording the screen.
  9. Death is stealing lives while pretending to deliver his victims their final meals
  10. yea, but both come out as either mov/mp4 files. I am not recording avi or mkv. Also, I think this might have been an update glitch because it hasn't happened again...yet. There have been a few glitches
  11. This is the concept a friend of mine wanted for an album cover. Originally I was supposed to draw it by hand but I wanted to try to pull it off with AP. This is the result:
  12. I don't have another format. I recorded my Macbook with an iPad, lol
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