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  1. hifred I do not really understand what you are suggesting. LR is a DAM that allows RAW processing using the same engine as PS. We all know that. Affinity is more akin to Photoshop. We all know that too. Serif suggested it was working on a DAM but says it has no plans to release anything in the near future. What is there to discuss?
  2. Affinity is a good alternative to photoshop. It is not, and has never claimed to be, an alternative to LR. I think you can use Bridge as a basic DAM and flick to Affinity as and when you need it. I just stick with LR.
  3. This topic has come alive again, suggesting there is a degree of dissatisfaction with existing DAM software. The problem Serif face is in developing a new programme that fits what appears to me to be an impossible set of demands. I go back to what I said a while back for my own personal want. Can we have a Lightroom, now LR Classic, looky-likey please at the bargain Serif price? That said, I owe Adobe a huge debt of gratitude, the company's software being the first that enabled me to produce images that I was never able to achieve when shooting film. Paying Adobe a few quid a month is buttons compared to the money I spent with Fuji, Kodak, Agfa and Ilford over the years. Also thanks Serif. I bought Affinity when I dropped out of the Adobe sub scheme a while back. This was not due to Adobe's pricing etc. but because the cameras I was then using were fully supported by my old perpetual license software and there was no need for me to get the updated features CC offered. New cameras saw me lose photoshop and LR RAW compatibility etc. and I found I really missed Lightroom, so I went back to Adobe. Which goes back to my opening gambit. Thanks again team Serif. I have faith in your ability to compete with Adobe and will support you with buying a DAM if you do get around to releasing one.
  4. I use Apple preview - takes a little thinking time to read raw files but produces a good contact sheet to choose from.
  5. I pre-cull before importing images into LR. I save all originals files on external discs, naming the files by year, month and subject. I also treat my camera as if it still had film inside. Digital shutter diarrhoea was pretty infectious when I first started my move from film but I found a cure when I swapped to an expensive SSD drive. Soon learned ways to stop filling it up with surplus images. Who else recalls waiting for your delivery of film and checking the use by dates? The gasp of horror when you realised you had not selected the correct ISO for the film you had and finding it poorly exposed when you picked up the contact sheet? Memories like this make the few pounds I send to Adobe each month seem a real bargain.
  6. I think a number of us would like a Lightroom alternative that is essentially a Lightroom copy on the cheap!
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    My CC subscription expires this morning. James

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