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  1. Scapa

    Call for Camera Images

    uploaded a pair of pictures (2 x RAW + JPG) from a Canon Eos 7d (first generation)
  2. Scapa

    Here's your chance Serif

    This would mark the perfect Day for Affinity DAM public Beta!!
  3. +1 !! I‘m really waiting for edge awarness too. thanks!!
  4. Scapa

    Raw development

    Hello, I can confirm that this issue is partly resolved within iOS 11 Public beta 4 which was released today. The very bright parts don`t appear to be blacked out anymore, though there still remains the following issue which may or may not be related to whatever Apple changed to their Raw development core: You`ll notice some green/blue „flicker“ (don‘t have any better word this) horizontally on the lower 10 % of the pictures. What I‘m talking about is looking like an film of oil. I believe that this hasn`t been there on Public Beta 2, but was introduced with Public Beta 3, though i may have just overseen it before. I can also confirm that this issue doen`t appear on Affinity for Mac. Anyone else having experiencing something like this?
  5. Scapa

    Issue with blown highlights appearing black.

    Hey @heyitsdiggy, you may want to have a look on this thread, where we have the same issue since the latest iOS11 beta. I see that you are another canon user having this issues.
  6. Scapa

    Raw development

    "Happy" to see that I'm not alone with this issue but somehow wondering that i didn't read more about it. I guess it would be helpful to understand if its only related to Canons raw Format, 10.5 iPads or iOS 11 Beta "globally" However here's hope that with todays new beta of iOS 11 everything got resolved.
  7. Scapa

    Overlay brush edge aware feature on ipad

    Hey, I recently stumbeled over the same issue. Just want to push this thread as this is a handy feature on the Mac version. Thanks Scapa
  8. Scapa

    Raw development

    Cool, thanks. Let me know if i can help with any other information oder files.
  9. Scapa

    Raw development

    Hi stokerg, thx for your reply. I just sent out the E-Mail regarding the affinity beta and also uploaded my image file which is called IMG_2583.cr2 to the dropbox link. My camera is an Canon EOS 7d. Scapa
  10. Scapa

    Raw development

    Hey everybody, as a longtime affinity photo (Mac) user i got the ipad version back in June. I‘ve been editing some raw pictures yesterday without any issue. Today though, i woke up to the following issue: My raw pictures, even those i handled without problems yesterday, show those black shadows where bright parts are on the pictures. I can‘t find any option or toggle which would help getting rid of those and i can‘t remember changing anything. Does anybody know, what mistake i made? The only other thing that would make sense for me, is the latest beta of iOS 11 which i loaded over night. Thanks in advance.