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  1. Nothing that I have tried make StudioLink work. Should I buy Photo and Designer again as directed in Publisher and then ask for a refund, since I already own both? Thanks, Mike
  2. Since all 3 work independently, does it pay to re-install? Thanks, Mike
  3. I tried the suggestion of creating a document in Publisher, saving it and opening in both Photo and Designer, re-saving from both, and staring Publisher again. StudioLink still does not work. Thanks, Mike
  4. Remember, I am using Windows 10. All three programs are located in the "Affinity" folder under "Program Files" on my C: drive. Thanks, Mike
  5. I'm on Win 10 and still out of luck. Anything else I can try? Thanks, Mike
  6. Also Windows 10 operating system and StudioLink does not work. I have tried all suggestions above, but nothing worked. All apps are located in the same "Program" folder on my C: drive. ALL apps are the latest versions. I opened a file and saved in all. I re-installed Publisher. Restarted my computer several times. I did all of this yesterday, and did another install today. All software was purchased directly from Serif/Affinity. What should I try next?
  7. I know that Publisher is a complete new program, but one main heading seems to have been forgotten, INSERT. Importing; a Publication (another afpub), Text Files, Hyperlinks, Anchors, Interactive, Media Clips, PDF Form field, and QR Codes. I thought that these were all good features and very useful.
  8. I believe that many users would pay for a utility that just converts .ppp files into .afpub files.
  9. These are not complaints, merely suggestions as requested. I've been a PP user since version 1. The same for Draw, Web, Movie, and Photo. I will continue with ALL of Affinity products, but may need to useg PagePlus for several more years.
  10. With thousands of ppp files, I like many users would probably pay for a "utility" program that would in fact convert a .ppp into .afpub. That way we would not need to keep PP 9 installed forever.
  11. I use the PFD Slide Show, Viewer and Security feature a lot. Publisher does export to PDF now, but with limited features. They may do other formats like; E Book and HTML, but my fear is that they will pass over many of the other PDF features mentioned above.
  12. The "Publish As:" in Page Plus specified: PDF, PDF Slide Show, E Book, and HTML. The PDF heading had 8 main categories of which Viewer and Security was very useful. Likewise I utilized Slide Show. I did not notice most of what is listed above in Publisher (beta).
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