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  1. @GabrielM Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi Gabe, application palette. I have the idea that he takes the first palette on top of the list. A list which is not alphabetic but it might be the first palette I made. Dédé.
  3. Dear all, A question for Designer. I start a new document and use an existing color palette from an earlier document. After saving and re-opening this new document the color palet I used is not set as preset within this document. So each time I have to make sure to adjust the color palette before continuing my work. What do I miss here? Thank you; Dédé.
  4. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    Ok. Thanks gdenby. "Look at it this way. The shapes are not made up by lines, as if drawn by a pen or pencil, and then filled in. They are made by areas, as if painted, and are fills from the start. "Getting the edges of the fills refined is the next step." This is what i wanted to know. It's not that i'm lazy, i just want to get to know Affinity better. Ready to play with snapping. Thanks a lot!
  5. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    @gdenby, thank you for your post. I promessed a familymember that i will draw a helicopter which he can print on his placemats so kids can color it in. And they need an example off course. I was wondering if i have to draw everything seperathly and give it a fill with the correct colors because then i have borders which are on top of his neighbour. Or can i just use the pen-tool, add a few strokes and fill. I attache the file. Thanks. Seaking v.04.afdesign
  6. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    What a joke :-) Thanks for your time GabrielM !! I had never used expand stroke before and it may seem ordinary but it helps me a lot. Dédé.
  7. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    Hi again, i hope you can open this one. test.afdesign
  8. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    @GabrielM, thank you for your reply. I already got this far. But i probably did something wrong. The strokes hav a gap. Thanks anyway!! Dédé.
  9. Dédé

    Converting multiple curves to shapes

    Hi, people all over the world... I have drawn (AD) a rectangle, a curve with pen tool and a elipse to devide the rectangle in different areas like a puzzle. Is there a simple way to give those 7 areas another color? If i missed a simular topic, sorry, please give me the link. Here in Belgium it's 2 AM now so i'm going to bed. Good night and have a nice weekend. Thanks in advance! Dédé.
  10. Bonjour JiPé, il serait peut etre préférable de changer le titre de votre post en 'Tutoriels en français'. Pour les gens qui suives, entre autres pour le conseil de mlx0244. Dédé.

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