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    zaqzaq got a reaction from Sean P in 1.8.3 crashes at resize text with cursor and cmd-z in former aff photo doc   
    Correct in one. separated mode, Good to know I can avoid it, thanks.
    And yes, two or more documents open.
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    zaqzaq reacted to Sean P in 1.8.3 crashes at resize text with cursor and cmd-z in former aff photo doc   
    Hi zaqzaq,

    Have you been using the application in Separated Mode? We're aware of a crash that can occur when using the Text dropdowns in separated mode with multiple documents open. The crash report you've supplied seems to match those we've seen. 

    If you use Windowed Mode you shouldn't encounter this crash in the meantime.
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    zaqzaq reacted to VIPStephan in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.5 - Beta 14)   
    If you are designing for the web you aren’t thinking in DPI and the pixel unit does have a meaning (albeit challenged, I admit). But in any case, it’s certainly strange that shadow attributes are measured in pixels and limited to a maximum of 100 thereof. But in my opinion this would count as bug that needs to be fixed rather than require a new UI implementation.
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    zaqzaq reacted to lexislav in Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.5 - Beta 14)   
    Seems like auto crop of rasterized objects respects the bleed now. Thanks, that is huge improvement!
    However, I still believe that rasterizing should not crop the layer/objects at all. That decision should be left to us ;-)
    New wellcome screen offer to claim free Grade UI Kit seems to be broken, nothing happens after clicking it ;-(
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    zaqzaq reacted to MattP in What to do with such Designer import?   
    Hi bodich,
    Thanks for the file - I can see what you're referring to now :) It doesn't matter if you've overlapped the shape edges slightly if that difference is less than perhaps an eighth of a pixel at the current view zoom - basically they will start to display the rendering artefact I talked about previously whenever you get shared edges (or edges which are extremely close when rasterised at the current zoom). As I mentioned before, this is down to the method used to rasterise and is present in all rasterisers that use the same technique although some engines have tricks that hide this from users... In Illustrator's case, it appears to round out pixels to make things share edges exactly and then applies a more aggressive antialiasing ramp that minimises the artefact. You can adjust the antialiasing ramp within Designer to mask the artefact in the same way, should you require...
    Here's a zoomed view of the same document in Illustrator showing the effects of the artefact down the centre-line to show that the same artefact exists in Illustrator (and all other rasterisers that I'm aware of - with the exception of Adobe Flash):

    Now to reduce the artefact in Designer, you can open your document, hit Select All (Cmd+A) and then go to the Layers panel, click the cog icon at the top right to access the blend options panel. Now go to the 'Coverage Map' control (this is the antialiasing ramp) and drag the curve to look like this:

    You can even save this profile if you'll use it often...
    Now when you look at your hairlines you should see that their effect has been reduced dramatically - and you can make it look just like Illustrator with a bit of trial and error. Here's a screenshot in Designer afterwards showing no hairline:

    I appreciate this is an extra step and that's not good. The honest reality is that the reason everyone else isn't always up in arms about this is because people generally approach their designs differently - creating solid shapes that overlap, rather than butt against each other. You've actually used that method in other parts of the same design (the yellow eye shapes have the detail overlaid on top of them, for example, so they will not show the same artefact). I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong with your designs at all - and we may need a way to allow users to specify their own default antialiasing ramps so that this can just be setup once and forgotten about forever, but I'm just trying to get you to see that Illustrator is not doing anything different - it's just that the default ramp it uses is masking the artefact more than our default ramp. We chose our default ramp because it made shapes (and text in particular) look nicer, so we don't really want to have to change it...
    Thanks again for all the kind things you've said - and thanks for sharing the file so we can look at the issue (the file looks great, incidentally) :)
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    zaqzaq got a reaction from DAD in find colors   
    There's also nice stuff on the web:
    so you can get a palette from a photo.
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    zaqzaq reacted to tomek in Resources for Architectural Renderings   
    I've been collecting links to various resources useful in the field of architectural rendering and visualisation and I'd like to share them with the community. There are quite a few on my list as it has been compiled over some years.
    These are content related: cut out people and objects, vegetation etc:
    http://www.gobotree.com/ http://xoio.de/en/ http://skalgubbar.se/ http://www.immediateentourage.com/ http://www.mrcutout.com/index.php/people-cutouts http://visualizingarchitecture.com/favorite-architectural-cutout-and-texture-resources/ http://texturer.com/ https://placeit.net/c/people http://www.viz-people.com/ http://vyonyx.com/cutouts/ http://www.nonscandinavia.com/ http://www.escalalatina.com/ http://www.cutoutlife.com/ http://skalgubbrasil.tumblr.com/   These are tutorials and example specific to architectural presentations:   http://visualizingarchitecture.com/no-render-quick-collage/ http://vyonyx.com/tutorials/ http://www.arqui9.com/ https://www.behance.net/arqui9 http://www.archdaily.com/645270/architecture-software-tutorials-part-2-what-we-heard-from-you http://www.ccc.umontreal.ca/fiche_concours.php?lang=fr&cId=207 http://www.worth1000.com/tutorials/163772/water-reflections-using-displace-filter https://visualizingarchitecture.com/tutorials/ http://landarchs.com/beyond-basics-10-photoshop-hacks-advanced-photoshop-skills/ http://landarchs.com/10-best-photoshop-tutorials-youtube-landscape-architects/ http://visualizingarchitecture.tumblr.com/   And these are more generic stock resources:   http://www.cgtextures.com/ http://cgtextures.com/ http://compfight.com/ http://everystockphoto.com/ http://obeygiant.com/archives/ http://www.premiumpsd.com/#_ http://www.vectorstock.com/ http://www.123rf.com/ http://www.veer.com/ http://subtlepatterns.com/ http://www.elsewhere.org/pomo/ http://www.thomasnet.com/cadmodels.html?WT.mc_t=blg&WT.mc_n=blg1107&channel=email http://medialoot.com/ http://www.sketchuptexture.com/p/bricks-section.html http://www.texturepilot.com/ http://texturelib.com/ http://nos.twnsnd.co/ http://www.gratisography.com/ http://graphicburger.com/ http://nobacks.com/    
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