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  1. Hello, I have a quick question. How do I see the objects outside of the canvas? Whenever I drag the object off the canvas I cannot see it anymore. I know about clip/unclip but I don't want the objects clipped onto the canvas. Hope my question makes sense! Thank you!
  2. Hello Chris_K, I figured as much and will not embed so many files like that anymore. It was just easier to see my full-scale patterns in real time. Its ok if it doesn't get sorted and I will remove my attached file. You can close this! Thank you!
  3. Hello, Affinity Designer will not save certain files. I've attached one of the files and the error messages. I have tried to reset the app, save in a different place, etc. and it has not helped. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I cannot open Affinity Designer on my laptop. It crashes every time I try to open the program (the error message says, "Affinity Designer quit unexpectedly"). I believe I have a file that is corrupted. I have attached the file. I really need this file for an invitation I'm working on (I've already spent a few hours on it). My computer is completely up to date (OS X 10.11.5). I have uninstalled, then re-installed Affinity and the problem still persists. Please help! Below is a copy of the report. Thanks! Process: Affinity Designer [674] Path:
  5. Hello, I'm using the pen tool to create the line I need and no, I'm not using a tablet, I'm using the track pad. I create a straight line with the pen tool, then I try to adjust the line using the Pressure profile under the Stroke panel but the line does not respond (remains unchanged). Any suggestions? Thanks for the response!
  6. Hello, For some reason, the pressure profile is not working when I try to adjust the lines in this file I'm working on. It works in my other files, but not this one. I even tried copying and pasting the elements into a new document (thinking the current file was corrupted), and it still did not work. Please help! I have attached the file.
  7. Thank you for the quick response! However, when I use the lighten effect, it still applies to the entire document. I attached an example. I want the gold effect applied to the outside banner, but not the inside (there are two layered banners). How do I make sure the gold is only applied to the outside banner only? Or is there an easier way to apply gold foil effect to images?
  8. Hello, I need some help regarding blend modes. So, I applied gold foil to an invitation design using "lighten" because that produced the most desirable results. However, it applies the effect to all the layers underneath. Is there a way to restrict where the blend mode is applied? I tried using a different method like "paste inside" and it did not produce desirable results. I only want the outlines gold, not the inside of the shapes/texts. I attached an example of what I'm working on. You can see that I've applied the gold to the outlines using the Lighten mode. Is there a better way? I am a n
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