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  1. Hi, metaweb20. What is the color checker you are holding? I know it's not the passport. I use the classic 24 patch cardboard one, that's sort of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Using the application Raw Photo Processor 64, (RPP 64) I create my camera/sensor/lens/lighting custom profile. AP cannot read RPP 64 profile, and staff has said it will be readable in a future release. What you are asking for is marvelous! ! ! Do add to features request section. Kind regards, David4
  2. jmac, glad you asked your questions. I would suggest you “google” device independent color management. But first, read what I have written. To start, let’s say I purchase, off the shelf, a color inkjet printer, a new computer, a new display, and 25 sheets of acid free archival paper that will fit my inkjet printer. I look at a digital image file on my new display. Looks okay. Send this image file to my new printer and the colors are dismal. So, I start changing density and color on the display, in order to make the printed image look the way I want. Or, another way would be to change printer settings, hoping to make the image look they way I want. This results in wasting ink and fine art paper. Neither are inexpensive. Finally after wasting money as well as time, I end up with a printed representation, or kind of, what I am looking for. Now, as Bill Nye the science guy would put it, consider it you will, creating a customization or custom profile with known standards, known characteristics, thoughtout this planet. So, using a known standard world wide, for this discussion, I use the X-Rite classic 24 patch cardboard target. It’s sort of 2 inches by 3.5 inches. I photograph the X-Rite classic 24 patch target and use software to profile my “camera > lens > lighting”. With software and hardware designed to create custom .icc profiles, I print a target based on this software, in my case, i!Profiler. I use the i1Pro version D, spectrophotometer, to read this target with it’s software. NEC’s SpectroView II application will create a target on my display that I read with the i1Pro spectrophotometer. These readings give me a device independent custom profile for everything I use in digital imaging. So, all equipment I use is now custom profiled. I can trust what I have digitally captured will print as a representation of the original capture. This is especially important when creating representations, or reproductions of an artist’s original intellectual property. Getting back to the X-Rite classic 24 patch target, I include this target during digital capture when of original art. I then have a “standard”. When doing portraiture, still lifes, and landscapes, the X-Rite classic 24 patch target in either in the digital capture or captured separately for use during digital development. Speaking of digital development, there is Raw Photo Processor 64 developer which uses the X-Rite classic 24 patch target for profiling the camera>lens>lighting>. Marvelous application. Once processed the file can be opened in AP, LR, PS, or any other program I choose. I have requested serif be able to read this custom camera profile. Staff has responded, this profile type will soon be readable. jmac, I have no idea why AP doesn’t reproduce color correctly. I don’t know code and don’t plan on understanding code. Sorry. I wrote in an earlier post I am not the creative type. That’s not really true. As a photographic artist, I pre visualize what the final print will be. I choose the lens needed to give the feeling I want in a capture. I use digital imaging applications to to be able to print what I have captured. I do dodging, burning in, white balance, luminance. I don’t create with AP, or PS. Regarding serif and correct color reproduction, you must ask serif. I have no clue. I just know the applications I use, do give the correct color reproduction. Write me or call me wrong. When I first read the Apple/serif promotions of AP, I thought the promotion included something to the effect, good color management was part of the application. After some of my color issue posts, I failed to see the claims. I never would have purchased AP if the color management was not like LR, PS, or RPP 64. However, I now have AP and wishing serif would make a positive move toward appropriate color management. Some of you have Ph.D’s in areas I am not familiar with. And you folks have been extremely helpful to me!. Me, well, I understand, triprolidine + sudoephrine. #30 Sig: i po tid for snotty stuffy, runny nose. can cause drowsiness. refil 1 I started film capture in the late 40’s. Processed black and white sheet film, 120 film, and 35 mm film, and created black and white prints. Eventually was processing and printing my own color prints. Somewhere in there, I earned the Doctor of Pharmacy degree, USC, 1963. During my time at USC, I had the opportunity to take a large format, black and white course from the cinema department. Eventually, here in Bellingham, Washington State, my wife and I operated 2 one hour color labs. Even then, chemistry had to be kept at a standard that was world wide. The test strips and chemistry came from various parts of the planet. This was color management for the one hour lab industry. Custom labs also had to keep their chemistry stable and in line with good practices. Again, I thank those asking questions. Kind Regards, David4
  3. Well, evtonic3, I am not one of the creative types, and I print fine art representations, or reproductions, with the Epson Pro 9900. The printer/inks/substrate are all custom profiled by me. The NEC 27 inch displays are profiled by me.. The shoot and all lighting is profiled by, you guessed it, me. Maybe you want to label me as photographer and print house. Now, here is where I have had my color issues. Nothing, no matter what I try, prints correctly, compared to what I print from LR 6.5.1, PS CS5, or Printao 8. I am color managed. "Device independent color management". Since I am "Device independent color managed", I usually can print once, and the results are very good. Usually right on. And I can print again for fine tuning, of needed. With Affinity Photo, if I understood correctly, from a comment in this thread, print from AP or AD and then print again after making corrections. Someone, please correct me if I misunderstood. And I quote: Posted 04 May 2016 - 05:20 PM This post makes me wonder if all the Affinity community shouldn't deliberately send their print projects first wrong then how they need it the second time. It would create a buzz with the printers that they may need to add this inexpensive app to their computers. Hmm... Could it work? Sure, AP is an inexpensive app. No contest. I have AP, and to print from it's .tiff files, I would have to print and reprint, chasing my tail. That is why I am device independent color managed. I have been told in AP forum, more than once, I ask too many questions...I post too much regarding color issues. Well, this is still my issue. Let me explain what I have done. What I have tried. I digital capture of the X-Rite 24 patch classic target, opened in AP, and use the white balance tool (w), on the third gray patch from my left, fourth row down. Next I open in develop persona, and again use the white balance tool on the third gray patch from my left, fourth row down. There is no visible change in the image file. Everything is in ProPhoto RGB. I export the .tiff. Open this very same .tiff in either LR 6.5.1, or PS CS5, the image does not look like the AP image file. Using white balance tool in PS CS5, levels, middle dropper, the image file stays the same as when opened in PS CS5. However, the two image files, AP, and PS CS5 do not look alike. No point in doing an screen capture, since many will say the 'preview' is not accurate. And, I am not looking at a preview. Doing a screen capture may not be accurate, however it does show the caparison. The screen capture below is the target I use. Kind Regards, David4
  4. JimmyJack. Your guess is correct. That is what does happen. I will do what you suggested the next time this happens. By the way, JimmyJack, how did you know that is what I did? Kind Regards, David4
  5. The measurements in inches is not what I know, as shown in the screen capture. Question is how do I bring the readings back to what was there originally, something I understand? Keep up the good work. Kind regards, David4
  6. l would also be interested in view the suggest video. Kind Regards, David4
  7. So sad. The Wolfkeeper writes: "The latest mac mini has maximum ram of 8 GB and it isn't upgradeable"! The 17 inch MacBook Pro is no longer available. For under $400, it's better for me, to have my pair of MacBook Pro's 8,3 repaired. And, I did have one of the repaired. Sent it directly to Apple in USA. Cannot believe returned to me in three (3) days. Wondering, if purchasing a refurbished Mac mini, that can take 16 GB RAM, is feasible? I am confident, whatever The Wolfkeeper chooses will be the right choice for him. Kind Regards, David4
  8. My thoughts, first, are regards to the RAM. Consider, if you will, 16 GB RAM. Well, the rest, it up to you and 'staff'. We have a Mac mini, 4.1, and I upped the RAM to 16 GB. Just not able to stop this little creature. It can run LR 6.5.1, and PS CS5. AP may not need this much RAM. I truly don't know. Let me ask you, since I have not bothered looking, can you up the RAM as the user? Kind Regards, David4
  9. Watching Maximising Raw Latitude for more info)., I request take no action be kept, rather than having to go back for this setting when AP is reopened. Thank you. Kind Regards, David4
  10. IOS, I'm glad you brought this up. Leigh, thank you for go further with this .icc profile subject. Kind Regards, David4
  11. Mike Nayler said it.........disable the soft proof. I did not do that for weeks, till I finally understood what was meant. Does not make sense when that's not the way it's done in PS, or even Gimp.
  12. I suggest you go to the upper left area of your display, click on go and drop down to the computer. While there, hold the option key and library will show up. Find your colorsync folder and drag your profile into this folder. You will need to restart Affinity Photo. Cheers, David4
  13. Thanks, RCR, Madame, evtonic3, callum, and cadobir. To answer cadobir: Creating multiple colored borders, like matting, right smack on the final image file, is easier in PS. Sizing an image file, I can see the dimensions while doing the sizing. It’s easier for me to size a 24 by 12 in PS. Then the image file is returned to Affinity Photo. I would not be without Affinity Photo. Period! I thank the staff and moderators for the marvelous help.
  14. Temporarily, either use Sony's software, then open in Affinity Photo, or use RPP 64, then open in Affinity Photo. Basically, in my opinion, you are covered and can successfully enjoy Affinity Photo. Cheers, David4
  15. #5 evtonic3, you are correct. I am looking for a simple command + E, as used in LR. That's all. I used the quote from Affinity Review, in order to say, I am not alone in the request. Nothing more. Too simple. I wouldn't make a big deal of this. I'm not. Thanks again, evtonic3. #5 #5 evtonic3#5 evtonic3
  16. cadobir, Good question. The same reasons Mark Ivkovic has. Page 18. “I’m used to using the “edit in…” command in Lightroom to hand my images over to Photoshop for retouching, it took a few goes to find the best way of implementing this with Affinity Photo mainly due to the “handing back” / saving part. Once I had this down it was an easy fit. When it came down to using the app itself I was ” Excerpt From: Serif. “Affinity Review #2.” iBooks. Remarks by “ bang | Photography - Mark Ivkovic UK based Fashion & Beauty Photographer​” Callum: I have been doing what you suggest, using .tiff. Cheers, David4
  17. This is from Affinity Review #2. I would like to edit in PS, an image file I am working with in Affinity Photo. Where is the command, or how can I get the image file to PS? “I’m used to using the “edit in…” command in Lightroom to hand my images over to Photoshop for retouching, it took a few goes to find the best way of implementing this with Affinity Photo mainly due to the “handing back” / saving part. Once I had this down it was an” easy fit. Excerpt From: Serif. “Affinity Review #2.” iBooks.
  18. RCR: Watch,the video . This video starts at part II. I would have you consider watching the entire video from beginning. On another subject, RAW is unadulterated digital information from the camera sensor. There is not yet any color editing space. If one lets the camera send out a jpg, it is not RAW. And it is in whatever color working space the camera manufacturer decides.
  19. Alex, I did not know not to. Now I understand. Thanks ! ! ! I now unclick soft proof adjustment before flattening. Could you elaborate on why you flatten your image with the soft proof adjustment applied? :) Cheers, Alex RCR: But if David would use his custom printer icc instead of ProPhoto he would not need any SoftProofing and would not have to do any conversion on his way to the printer? Good question RCR... ProPhoto RGB is an editing space, and working space. Originally created by Eastman Kodak. It's a wide gamut editing/working space that not all devices can deal with. Consider looking into Chromix web site. They may have visual presentations of various color editing/working spaces. I use their ColorThink 2.3.1 regularly to compare my profiles to each other. Consider downloading it. I think it's a valuable tool for digital imaging. Melissa RGB color working space is similar. It's the native color working space in Adobe Lightroom. Melissa RGB is a Gamma 2.2 variant of linear ProPhoto RGB. I would suggest I, and others use ProPhoto RGB for future applications and future hardware that will need this larger editing space.
  20. I would like to rotate an image in RAW just like it's available in Develop
  21. Got it. Hoped to use this feature with levels. Haze removal has the tool. In future iterations that feature could be in levels, and curves. Cheers, David4
  22. In printer dialogue I would like to move the image in the box, up, or down, in order to utilize the portion of the printer paper I choose. Thank you David4
  23. Using levels, I want to have the screen split, vertically, so I can see what the adjustment does compared to the 'original'. How do I do that? Kind regards, David4
  24. Mystery (for me) solved ! ! ! How long did this take me??? 60 days plus or minus? Thank you. Cheers, David4
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