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  1. Hi, I hope that Canvas rotation and Brush Angle dynamic problem fixed soon. I almost exlusively use flat brushes controlled by pen tilt (angle). Round Brush nozzles this problem not matter. Currently in Affinity Photo and Designer on IOS, Win and Mac there is a problem with these flat brush nozzles when using dynamic angle control on rotation (pen tilt) combined with rotating canvas. I Hope that attachmented video makes clear what I mean. This problem exist all platforms and also with Wacom tablets and displays. A0F3AEE8-25FD-47AD-9A9C-B2ED55B2AB7E.MOV
  2. Luovatone

    Brush Nozzle follows canvas rotation - Issue

    Hi, I just installed Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7 update to iPads and MacOS and Canvas Rotation is still linked to Brush Nozzles? or something..?? -> see the video attachment on the first post. Rotating Canvas -> Brush Nozzle follows I hope that this will fixed soon because it really makes Canvas Rotation function useless when using brush tips that reacts rotation (Dynamics -> Rotation Jitter -> Angle function) such as emulating real pencils, chisel tips, flat thin brushes. PS. It seems that for my initial tests pressure sensitivity drop bug is fixed on the Affinity Photo.
  3. Hi, Somehow Brush Nozzles angle and canvas rotation angle is linked to, (or not separated from) each other? So when I rotate canvas brush nozzle follows, what makes drawing, shading and inking very hard when using anything other than perfectly round brush. I attached small video to demonstrate that. Working with iPads I can quite easily rotate the whole device, but.... This problem occur at least on Mac OS and iOS versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Hopefully this issue is fixed soon, like Affinity Photos distracting pressure sensitivity drop bug. brush_nozzle_follows_canvas_rotation.mov
  4. Luovatone

    Pressure Sensitivity Accuracy.

    Hi, I can confirm that this is Affinity Photo problem (AP 1.6.7.) Wacom Intuos4 Wireless and Wacom Cintiq 27QHD and Astropad makes these pressure drops. Luckily this "pressure drop" glitch not happen in Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on my machine. (If I remember correctly, there was that same bug earlier version of Affinity Designer). -- This annoying bug was here very... very long time and I really hope that it is fixed soon, it makes Affinity Photo useless for me when doing sketching, drawing and painting. I must use Affinity Designer 1.6.1. which is fine, but.. I am using now cleanly installed High Sierra. There is small video that I recorded to demonstrate how annoying this pressure bug really is. PS. I have also suggestion to able to hide that static brush nozzle outline cursor, some situations there is no point to show that, because we can see brush review. Better is to make that brush nozzle outline cursor realtime cursor which dynamically rotates and change size etc. Almost all my brush nozzles rotates (using tilt or pen rotation) and it is very annoying look that static brush nozzle. affinity_photo_1_6_7_wacom_pressure_drops.mov