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    Tomintoul, Cairngorms, Scotland
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    Lifelong graphic designer and copywriter who retired from the industry - but can't leave it alone!
  1. I need dxf for sending my artwork designs to a laser cutter. At the moment I have to export from AD as an svg file, open in Inkscape and then export again as dfx. Cumbersome and unreliable. Please, please serif - prioritise a dfx export function. Soon!
  2. Sorted. With a bit of pain and gnashing of teeth - I eventually got there in the end! Thanks for your help folks.
  3. You guys are probably way ahead of me technically on this! Jimmy - how did you create the clipping layer for the hoop (the set of circles which are all in one layer)? The help topics don't really cover it in any detail - and I can't seem to replicate it. Is it possible to create a series of shapes all in one layer? - I can't find a command that lets you do this - I always end up with a new layer if a try to create a second shape. I'm obviously missing something obvious! A comprehensive manual would be useful for those of us who are less than experienced with this or any other 'well known design software'! :wacko:
  4. Not really Jimmy - not sure how to post images anyway. Yes your suggestion seems to work well - but I am having problems where the spaghetti intersects. Can you control which line lies on top of which? When you apply FX to intersecting lines - it puts them all on the level. I don't have a specific project here - just new to Affinity and trying to find my way around its capabilities!
  5. I have been having a mess around with this - and for the benefit of those of you looking to draw parallel 3D shapes, a simple solution seems to be.... Draw a line with the pen tool Put a stroke on it to the width of pipe or shape you require - and in any colour you wish Go to the Layers menu and click on Expand Stroke With the layer selected, click on fx Tick the 3D option and modify as you wish ..it seems to work well - and is a very quick solution.
  6. Thanks Madame. I'll give it a go - and see how I get on!
  7. I am trying to find an easy methodology for creating tubular pipework - or spaghetti for want of better description. I know there are probably a number of ways of doing it in Affinity Designer - but wondered whether there was an efficient way of creating complex shapes with bends and corners - complete with 3D shading. Any help appreciated!
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    Hi I'm John from Tomintoul in the snowy Scottish Highlands. I was brought up on a diet of Photoshop and Illustrator - until they sucked all the money out my wallet! Now migrating to Affinity - and very, very impressed. Certainly suits my needs. Look forward to speaking with many of you guys in the future! John