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  1. Affinity Photo Tips

    Affinity Photo Video Tutorials

    Just updated this first post with some new tutorials folks! Check them out now!
  2. Affinity Photo Tips

    Affinity Photo Video Tutorials

    Hey GeeJay, Which tutorial were you trying to follow? And which tool were you using?
  3. Affinity Photo Tips

    Newbie layers question

    You can't do this with layer ordering alone. The quickest way to do what you want is to have another "I" that's the top layer, but mask out the top of the shape, so that only the bottom shows "in front" of the Z.
  4. Affinity Photo Tips

    Correcting Pet Eye

    Hey there, Try this video tutorial I created: https://youtu.be/ifbSHigo2fQ It's specific to changing a Colour in the eyes from a light to a darker one. See if it works for you? If it doesn't work exactly like you want it to just give me a shout :)
  5. Your initial problem sounds like it is resolved then? The results you are getting from WordPress could be due to various factors. First, when you reduce the size of an image in AP, either using Resize Document or Export, you're going to be working with resampling. Depending on what option (Bicubic, etc) you choose, you will get different results in how your final image looks.. As for uploading to Wordpress, it depends on a few more things. Your theme could be display the image you uploaded directly, and let the browser resize it on the fly. Alternatively, some themes might generate thumbnails for various uses in the theme (which might not necessarily be tiny), and this re-saving process could again change the quality of the final image. If you want to keep things simple I suggest resizing it and making sure you get the quality you want before inserting it into WP. And when you are importing the image in WP, just make sure the image is display at "full size" so it simply display the uploaded image.
  6. There's no need to create a raster mask, you can simply nest the original image under the shape that was created. This way the shape can be modified easily again as a vector. What do you mean by "subtract boolean"?
  7. Affinity Photo Tips

    Affinity Photo Video Tutorials

    Anytime Paul! Happy photographing!
  8. Hey Affinity Photo Lovers! Desmond from Affinity Photo Tips here. :) Here are some video tutorials that will help you in your learning journey: Techniques Changing Eye Colour: Part 1 & Part 2 Remove Pimples & Acne: Part 1 & Part 2 Whiten Yellow Teeth and Cleaning Texture on Teeth Adjusting Reddish Skin Tones Selective Exposure & White Balance Correction with Overlays NEW! - "Crazy Curves" Trick to spot imperfections in your images Toning Effects & Creative Looks Grungy, Gritty Look for Urban Images: Part 1 & Part 2 Kodachrome Ducks NEW! - 2 Quick Retro Film Effects NEW! - Dramatic Monochrome Conversion (from a noisy original) If you have any requests or questions about my video tutorials, drop me a message! You can also leave a message on Twitter (@APTrocks) or Facebook ("Affinity Photo Tips"). Looking forward to chatting with you! ––––––––––––– Updated 16 Feb 2016 with new tutorials. Updated 19 Mar 2016 with more tutorials!
  9. Hi, When you say "Neuberechnung" I think your are referring to the "Resample" checkbox at the bottom of the settings, yes? If you only want to change the pixel size of your image you do not need to worry about that checkbox, because it is only for printing images. So leave the checkbox on. Instead change the "size" setting, the one with the two boxes with numbers — for example: 4321px X 1234px. Change either the horizontal or vertical size you want, and if the "lock" is closed, then Affinity Photo will automatically calculate the other side for you (so that your image is resized proportionally. To make sure your image quality is still good when resizing, select "Bicubic" or "Lanczos 3" in the dropdown resample method box.

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