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  1. OK thanks - would be useful feature. I guess it will come in Affinity Publisher...
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to export multiple documents/files to their own pdf files at the same time? Thanks
  3. Hi, Does anybody know if its possible to create in Affinity the same kind of 3D objects I could create in SKetchUP (I don't own Sketchup and don't know it) - only have Affinity - so that I could include these 3D shapes into my interior design software, Live Interior 3D Standard. Please see image of the kind of shapes I need to make. If possible, what format doI export them as and how would I make these shapes... Thank you! Shapes.pdf
  4. crabtrem - you're understanding my problem and your solution makes sense - but when I select the box (blue stroke, rounded corners) it says 100% opacity?? And no fill. Which is why I'm confused. Where you did you see the 60% opacity? thank you https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2457705/Screenshot%202016-02-11%2000.11.46.png
  5. @MEB Sorry for the delay,here is the file to look at https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2457705/Faded%20Insert%20Problem%20-%20see%20Arm.afdesignSee image of the arm in the lower left. That shouldn't be faded..... thank you Happening in another file too. Also, as a work around, I tried to just bake the corner, absolute size 7mm but for some reason can't get that to work either...
  6. I've pasted an image into a rounded rectangle, as described above, and for some reason it now appears 'faded', like I've applied some transparency tool to it. But I haven't. Before the image is pasted into the object, it is a full colour image. After I've pasted into the object, it appears faded. My object has no fill at all. Can anybody think why the pic is faded?
  7. You can also draw a circle, then select it, then find the 'Insert inside Selection' tool (customise toolbars if you don't se it - it looks like a white circle with a quarter pie cut out in blue) then find your picture and paste it.
  8. I can't find bullet points and also don't have the 'Special Character' menu item mentioned originally in this post. Has anything changed in the last 6 months on how this is done? How can I insert bullet points - I'm not understanding from the discussion above. thanks
  9. Thank you all very much for your suggestions - will give them a try. @JoePoe if you ever get time to do a screencast how to that would be great ;-)
  10. Can anybody tell me how to achieve the effect in the attached picture - a photo 'behind/inside' an unusual shape? I'm aware of the 'Insert inside selection' tool, but I don't know how I'd make the two curves.... thanks
  11. Thanks Oval. Can you explain how I'd do what you've suggested?
  12. Nope - doesn't change anything. If I shift + drag it allows me to move in either axis. I'm trying to lock one, so that I can only drag horizontally but not adjust vertical position.... Unless there's somewhere I can set this function to a custom keyboard shortcut somehow? Does anybody know what this 'function' would be called?
  13. Hi there, Is there a keyboard command I can use to lock one axis when I am dragging an item along another axis? i/e If I want to keep it on the y-axis height I've chosen, but drag along the x-axis, can I press a keyboard button to lock while I drag so that I don't lose the correct y axis? Thanks
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