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  1. Hi Guys, congratulation for the awesome work. Your product is for sure a game changer in the market now. Since affinity have the Version for mac and windows (and now ipad on the way), i ask. Do you have future plans to make versions for linux and chrome OS. I think with these 2 systems included, the name of Serif and Serif products will blow up. I wish you the best, and keep the good work.
  2. giovinccent

    PDF Export Bug (mac) 1.4.2

    Hello guys, fist of all i wanna congratulate for the great work you're all doing. Im sucha. big fan of affinity now, but im here to say abou a BIG bug that i found in one work here. Im doing a print work for a product label here, and when i close the pdf file, the text become pixels, and this canot happen. I saw some UI problems too, the option to reduce the resolution, is always checked with the compression value of 85%, and because this is a print work this option reduce the quality of the print. When i try a lot of configurations for print, the software give a error saying that is not possible to create the file. And at least, i spoted some colour error when the material was printed in a professional printer service. The black in the art made a kind of grey colour appear. Im using this settings to export the file (i used always in Illustrator) - CMYK colors - 300dpi - Color Profile US Coated (SWOP) V2 - PDF/X-1a I will post my open art, and the PDF exported for you guys see what happen ok? To finish this job i needed download again the illustrator :( but i wanna migrate to affinity as soon i can. You guys rock. This is all for now. Keep the good work These are the links of my complete work: Affinity files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9kpi0m5t6kbg810/AACd33eilT-egtI7R-lNzZ95a?dl=0 PDF exported files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cz0pjkeqioq2p3b/AACDhyWjNxmdQIQ6cysSjgWda?dl=0