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  1. Why does the iPad version have to be such nonsense, create an arrow, tap move, move said arrow, oh wait, no it doesn't work, you cant move the damn arrow, it just sizes it instead.

    It is such terrible design when a tool does not do what it is supposed to do, why even release it in this state ?

  2. To be fair, the entire color picker system in general is terrible in affinity, drag the color picker, then have to click the color you just selected so it can be used by tools WTF ?

    There should at least be a prefs tick box to make it instantly available, you know to people who have used every other piece of software that ever existed.

    Affinity is great, but sometimes they just reinvent the wheel and make it white noise shaped !

  3. So its just me then who finds creating palletes to be completely obtuse ?

    Click on the lines, click add color, panel shows, drag the color picker to the wanted color, then click on the color so that it is in the color box, then click add.

    But wait, just to run it in, the damn add color box now disappears, so you have to click on the lines, click add color.........on and on and on and on and on.

    Surely this is either the wrong way to do it or some cruel joke ?

  4. 1.42 = previous beta


    1.5x = current beta


    Going back to the 1.42 beta, which is what you brought up, would be unforgivable. Which is what I said.


    Removing a feature from a current beta, thanks to revision software, to then output a new beta is different and is common practice. But that is way different than reverting to a former beta and beginning all over again with bug fixes is unheard of with any company, be it the one I owned or one that I have tested for.


    I think I'm done with this silly conversation.

    1.4.2 is the current release version and i never mentioned previous beta, not surprised you are done ;)

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