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  1. MEB . . . I'm struggling with this one. I see no 'Set Global Source' button on the clone context bar and no 'Global' option on the current layer drop down . . . I only see only the three options: Current layer, current layer and below, and layers beneath. Also in another post I believe you stated that you saw no way to display two images side by side for cloning. Thanks for your continued help. I really need this application that I have in Photoshop. I need to see the source for the clone as well as the receiving image to do the job.
  2. Thanks MEB. Awesome. Really like Affinity so far.
  3. Need more explanation of separated mode regarding displaying two images side by side to clone from one to the other.
  4. fred reichardt

    2photos si de by side

    I need to display two images (jpegs) side by side so I can clone from one to the other. "Separated mode" suggested in one of your responses doesn't seem to do this and sometimes the command is greyed out and can't be accessed anyway. I did this with Photoshop to enhance real estate photos, landscaping enhancement. etc. Please advise.
  5. I want to display two images (jpegs) side by side so I can clone from one to the other. Prior responses in the Forum stated go to "Separated mode". This sometimes is greyed out and when not it does not do what I need. Please advise

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