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  1. Hi i have italian version 1.4.1 but panorama function doesn't work.I import photos in the left setion,i see them but when i want to merge them i have this note: no panorama founded!! can samebody explains to me if there is a bug or i make some mistakes? thanks for help
  2. Hi ,i didn't see a reply to my previous question: how can i put and see 2 Photos side by side. Thanks for pro per suggestion
  3. Hi,i am not able to see 2 photo on the same time,one on right and one on the left side of the video on affinity photo.Can samebody be so kind to explain to me how it can be possible? thanks in advance for proper suggestion,best regards
  4. Hi,i am using trial affinity photo on iMac 21,5 with El capitainnwich sound good.I have a question: .opening a new file via finder /image i am not able to open foto library ( i see it but dont work) .same problem if i go via macintosh HD via application:i see all appplication but enable to open them. I see in finder/image the only file i have imported from Windows. samebody can explain to me how can i operate? thanks in advance for proper solution.Best regards from Italy
  5. How to have a copy of a Photo ?
  6. Hi i am try to use the program,i am at first step: how can i duplicate a photo before making adjustment? Thanks for help