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  1. Here is an example. By exporting this as SVG (Digital small size), without any effects gives a 9kb file. By adding some "Outer shadow" to some of the elements, the SVG = 102kb. I am not sure how I can control how whether or not these effects are being rasterized. AD Test.afdesign
  2. Hi Using Gradients, or shadow effects dramatically increases the exported SVG file size. Do anyone have any tips/tricks for how to use gradients in a way that does not affect the file size? This is important for use on webdesign etc. By example, a file was 4kb, without gradient. Introducing 1 gradient and 1 shadow effect resulted in a 60kb SVG file. Anders
  3. Hi I just love Affinity Publisher! But please add Hyperlink support. Being able to add links in documents is a dealbreaker for my customers. Anders
  4. OK. I are used to use a lot of different software. But I find the table style editor hard to understand. But I understand what it "tries" to do, at least. But some additional guides in the UI for how to use it might be in place.
  5. I see the option of the table style. And that is ok. But I don't see that is possible to make a setting for "every other row". But maybe I don't understand how the table style editor works.
  6. Affinity Publisher looks really great! Only feature I have found that I miss is the ability to have alternating colors / formating of every other row, and maybe column. I just canceled my last Adobe subscription Anders
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