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  1. Try with Clone, Inpainting, Healing... brush tools among others.
  2. Please, do not convert any image into CMYK because it has the smallest gamut than the other color spaces and you will lose a huge color nuances that can't be restored back in the original color gamut. Let the PDF profile convert them on the fly into CMYK for print purposes. Set the ICC profiles be all the same in Preferences for all 3 apps.
  3. For now, it would be quite enough if they add footnote/endnote import in Publisher.
  4. Warp tool applies deformations on the object(s), while text on a path -- does not.
  5. I will add that they need notes of their own. Not to be part of footnotes enumeration. Usually symbols are used (asterisks, daggers...) instead of numbers. In most cases they don't need separator line above the first note and for each table they must start from 1 (one asterisk, one dagger...).
  6. Why would you resize the document during printing? Good practice is to create 1:1 document and print it in "Actual size" without scaling it.
  7. Just a suggestion: Why don't you announce the updates in one thread instead in 3 with links to all 3 apps? The main reason for this is that you can separate the info into 4 categories (easier for you): Common for all 3 apps Fixes, improvements... Designer Fixes, improvements... Photo Fixes, improvements... Publisher Fixes, improvements... This way we can easily see what is specific for each app and what is common to all 3.
  8. I've got the updates for Photo and Publisher at Thursday, but for Designer just now. Why so long delay?
  9. Thank you very much. Really great asset. Is it possible to speed up the process a little bit more by automatically deleting the logo and loading the bump map?
  10. Content of the Controlbar changes when you select a tool in the Tools palette. For example, When you select Text frame tool Paragraph and Character palettes are displayed on this Controlbar. When you select Brush tool, Paragraph and Character palettes are closed and you now have the Brush palette open, and so on. It reduces the number of palettes that are opened all the time even if you don't need them at the moment. It is expecially useful on laptops where every open palette occupies the screen and reduces the working area. It speeds the workflow because you know where to look instead of visual hunting where you put the specific palette among others.
  11. Publisher needs a new Toolbar as this one in the attachment ASAP, to replace the existing one. It should be with 4 rows and can be added to Designer and Photo, too.
  12. Maybe it is better solution to trace the 1-bit image and import it as a vector?
  13. Affinity's policy is to make available the most popular formats to be imported and then... to start using Affinity software.
  14. Publisher is missing an invisible character for the Leading Override. It is extremely hard and time consuming to find where you inserted it after some time or after adding/deleting text.
  15. I, personally, would not use endnotes inside tables. Hope, in near future, Affinity will add table notes which will be numbered separatelly from the other kind of notes.
  16. Inline or not, text inside a table is not part of the body text flow. When you create a table you don't continue to add body text inside it and then continue outside of the table. Texts inside table cells are separate from each other and from the body text, too. So, this is why the problem occurs.
  17. The problem is that the text inside tables is not part of the body text (not linked with it), so Publisher is confused how to connect them.
  18. No workarround can replace the flexibility of ID's facing pages spreads.
  19. You can also download dictionaries from: https://www.softmaker.com/en/dictionaries just change ".sox" extension to ".zip" and unpack it.
  20. As I can recall my memory, Xara offers an option to select text frames and merge it by keeping the order of selection.
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