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  1. On 2/6/2021 at 9:09 AM, Colorado said:

    Please, please make a checkbox that will remove orphaned conjunctios (a, i, o, u, y, w, z) from the end of line by inserting a non-breaking space between the letter and the following word.

    Please think about it this way: most people in Central and Eastern Europe still use InDesign because removing the mentioned orphans is too much of a fuzz.



    You can use this expresion:

    Find:        <SPACE>(\u|\l)<SPACE>
    Change:  <SPACE>

    where you need to change <SPACE> with regular space character.

  2. On 3/26/2022 at 5:32 PM, MikeTO said:

    InDesign doesn't have a way to deal with runts yet and I find it a surprising gap given how many releases they've done.

    Non-hyphenated runts are common in English, too:

    she was born in 1898 and died of pneumonia at age

    really was a bit too expensive, at least for Mary and

    You can solve runts problem in InDesign first by creating a "No brake" chararcter style and then by adding these two lines in the "Body Text" paragraph style under "Grep Style":

    Apply Style: No brake
    To Text: .{10}$

    Number 10 means you want minimum 10 characters at the last line of the paragraph.

    I hope Affinity will add GREP in paragraph styles very soon.

  3. On 6/8/2023 at 1:54 AM, kimtorch said:

    Scripting find/replace would be good but an additional feature request should be the ability to save find/replace searches. InDesign does this and allows you to maintain an extensive list of frequently used changes. Being able to script it would also be good.

    And Mellel, a word processor, even support GREP sets so you can execute multiple tasks with one click.

  4. 13 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    Asking what will come in the future almost never gets an answer from Serif other than "we don't talk about what's coming in the future until it's ready". That's why I said that we will not know until the Beta starts.

    A 2.2 Beta should start soon, unless they need to do a 2.1.1 release to fix some urgent issues.

    It never hurts to ask. :)

  5. 34 minutes ago, arcnor said:

    Adding my 2c, some features I'd like to be able to access through C/JS are:

    • Import/Export capabilities (i.e. being able to write my own import/export plugin for any format), which both requires a way of adding a new file type to the open / save / export sections, as well as being able to read/write all the basic things other formats do, like layers, pixels / vector shapes, etc...
    • Not sure if this has been discussed, but I'd like to be able to write a plugin that acts as an adjustment layer, unless that's already taken care of by being able to write a filter (which I'm also not sure will be possible, but I hope it will be).
    • Undo/Redo support, hopefully controllable by my code, but whatever we can get otherwise (i.e. if I do a "move layer" then "clear selection", the API can automatically create undo states for both those actions, or it can let me mark a sequence of actions as an Undo/Redo point, which would be preferable as a plugin dev).
    • I understand this is more of a "pie in the sky" kind of thing, but being able to write a plugin that interacts / merges with the Affinity Photo RAW importer will also be nice, some of the ideas I have to improve my own workflow relate to RAW importing, so it will be fantastic to be able to affect the process (i.e. by having access to the raw pixel data and being able to write my own contrast slider, as a very basic example).

    Forr this kind of post it would be better if you use numbering style instead of bullets, for easy addressing the answers.

  6. 1 hour ago, GarryP said:

    Why request a change in one application to fit what you want another application to do?

    Maybe because multi page thread is easy to achieve in Designer?

    1 hour ago, GarryP said:

    Just request multi-page spreads in Publisher rather than asking for changes to Designer which might change existing workflows.

    It is still a valid request, but in meantime... :)

  7. It would be nice if A-Team add these capabilities to Designer considering artboards:

    1. Artboards should not overlap each other;
    2. When resizing the width of the (middle) artboard, it should push the page next to it.

    These 2 features can simulate what we want to be added in Publisher -- multi page spreads.

  8. 15 minutes ago, loukash said:

    Er… it's a bit more complex though:

    • If you have only one page in Publisher, the Photo persona Crop tool will behave as expected from the Photo app.
    • If you have multiple pages, the canvas Crop tool automagically becomes the vector crop tool.

    Correspondingly, if you open a multipage document in Affinity Photo, its Crop tool will be the vector one.

    I suspect this is "by design" although frankly I find it a bit weird.
    And it's already in v1 like that.

    They must change it to work as in Publisher and Designer because, this way, it is used no more than once if you need to crop the canvas. Totally useless. If you plan wisely i.e. by defining the canvas size at the very start, you will not use it at all.

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