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  1. It is not practicle. If I create a template it will be only for one size. What If I need some other size?
  2. Hi, I think it would be nice if we could have an option to auto fit proportionally a stock photo to an artboard/page, while holding some modifier key.
  3. SHIFT = unproportionally resize; CTRL = proportionally resize from center; SHIFT+CTRL = unproportionally resize from center.
  4. But if someone want to use it as an Artistic text frame, he wouldn't link that frame to another.
  5. Frame text tool has an additional handle on the down right corner that makes it act as Artistic text tool.
  6. This file was for internal use only. It was not sent by a customer and I placed this file here because I want Publisher to iconvert PDF files as good as possible.
  7. No, I downloaded it from this site: https://miraclemorning.com/start-here/
  8. Hi, I recently opened a PDF (see: Original.pdf) in Publisher and a few errors occured (see: Opened in Publisher and exported to PDF) which I marked in red. I hope this will help to improve the PDF conversion. Thanks. Opened in Publisher and exported as PDF.pdf Original.pdf
  9. Not as default, but to appear only if you have a selection, otherwise "whole document" if nothing selected.
  10. I think it would be much safer and faster if you exported the ID file into IDML than PDF.
  11. I know Affinity has an aversion to polls, but my opinion is that sorting the poll by the number of votes is a great indicator what users most want to get in the next version. It would be a matter of mutual satisfaction - the company would have far fewer annoying customers, and they, in turn, would always know what to expect in the next version.
  12. Of course. What I want to say is when they released on tuesday, they were RC2 and know -- without any new updates -- they became RC.
  13. Did I recall good? As I remember, few days ago all apps were RC2 and now RC. Does it mean v. 2 is here?
  14. If this is a case, I merge them in Word. I hope that Affinity will add (in near future maybe) linking text documents like Wordsflow from Em Software. InDesign has something like that, but unfinished.
  15. Hi MikeTO, as you can see from my initial post, I didn't mentioned master pages at all. Section break connected with paragraph style would be very appreciated if Affinity decide to implement it. What I really want is just a little enhancement to a paragraph style as mentioned.
  16. Hi MikeTO, I have 30+ years of experience in DTP. Does it qualifies me of knowing this "trick"? I've done hundreds of books, magazines, brochures... Single story, multiple stories books, multiple files organized as "book"... PageMaker, QuarkXPress, InDesign (last 10+ years) and now Publisher, but nothing seriously because last few years I'm orinted toward books and Publisher lacks foot/end notes (waiting for them to appear in v. 2.0, hopefully). I think this enhancment I am asking for will speed up the process a little bit.
  17. Yes, I'm aware of that, but while waiting for it to come, I think my idea is worth to be considered.
  18. Yes, I know that, but I'm trying to avoid them because if you add/delete text the chapter will start on other page and you'll have to adjust master pages. This way you don't have to.
  19. Hi, I’ve just got an interesting idea of “removing” headers and footers on an opening chapter page. As you can see in the attachment picture, there are 2 black stripes defined in “Text Styles > Paragraph > Decorations” used to cover headers/footers (of course, the color has to be replaced with white) and text “Chapter 1” lowered down with “Space Before”. But, there is a small “problem” which I would like to be solved if possible by Affinity Team. If client wants to reposition the chapter title (with space before) then decorations follow the changes and the headers/footers become visible and they have to be adjusted, too. So, the question is: would you be so kind and make decorations position to be independent from Space before/after changes? Just to mention, there is a “bug” in Text Styles. As you can see there is selected paragraph style in “Text Styles” panel but its name is not displayed because of the “Use Space Before > Only At Column Top”.
  20. Hi, can we expect some of the features in Photo to support AI in near future?
  21. Hi, where I can find arc shape tool? There is no such. Only elipse and pie. Why it is not as easy as in CorelDRAW -- moving the control point inside elipse/circle creates pie, moving outside creates arc?
  22. InDesign baš i nema neke posebno interesantne efekte, posebno ne za obradu fotografija (kad ga već upoređuješ sa Photoshopom), a sigurno ne toliko kao Photoshop. To znam jer koristim intezivno InDesign već više od 10-tak godina.
  23. Well, we shall wait for this feature a little bit more time, but I wonder why Adobe included it into Photoshop rather than Illustrator or InDesign?
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