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  1. This has been a matter of topic over many months. I was hoping in version 2 that it had been resolved, but not that I can see. While only needing to change a relatively small number of pages, I have to go through each page with the '01, 02' system so that the printing company keeps everything in order. I have no idea what coding would be required to change this, but there is a workaround that somebody better than I has found for release to the general public. This is the link from 2 years ago - http://www.documentsnap.com/how-to-split-pdf-documents-into-single-pages-using-mac-osx/ Is it so much of a hindrance for Serif/Affinity to just include it and make a lot of people happy. Quark has managed it for many years. I hope that they are not trying to guide us specifically to exactly what they want us to do rather than considering that sometimes, there are bits of the software that not everybody uses, but those who do find extremely helpful.
  2. We can all live in hope. Don't forget how well all three of the Affinity programs work together at a very reasonable price. For most users like yourself - not top end business in a large corporation - and myself, Affinity serves its purpose in getting work done.
  3. We await the next iteration of Affinity products - and hope that the option to increase the icon size will be included. It is not the first piece of software to have this option.
  4. While there is a Font UI option to large, which seems to be adequate, there Is no additional option for the toolbar on the left hand side. 27 inch iMac running a default resolution for built-in Retina display.
  5. I have tried to get Affinity Publisher to print out individual PDF pages, but even the 'all pages' setting still gives a single PDF, even though the pages are separate when opened. you will see from the Staff email 14 January that the change is from All Spreads to All Pages, but unlike Quark Xpress, I still cannot find a way to show each page as a PDF with a page number suffix (01, 02, etc). See my email also dated 14 January with a link to a shortcut to print to separate pages.
  6. Thanks Walt. That deals with the converting colour spaces, but the default export under <Area:> is still 'All Spreads' rather having the option to keep 'All Pages' (ie the last used setting). Regards
  7. Hi MEB and PaulEC, Just tried the settings and it worked. Not sure what I have been doing wrong before, although I have been using the 'fix' for some time and Affinity have released updates since then. It does not appear to default to the last settings, so need to change to All Pages every time. Is there a setting to keep this? Also, as I export in greyscale, from opening a new template and filling with information ready for printing, while the screen images are all greyscale, I always have to remember to select <More><Convert image colour spaces>. Is there a setting to keep these? Thanks
  8. From Tree Angel …"unable to export facing spreads as single pages". If you can directly me where it is possible in Affinity Publisher to export as individual pages, I would be pleased to learn. Regards
  9. Hi Walt, We really need the easy option built in to Affinity Publisher to export as individual pages. Already in Quark Xpress. I am including a screenshot to illustrate what should be possible. Regards.
  10. Did you see the comment from above? Check out this link. You can download the workaround as a .zip file t the end. I now use this all the time on my Mac. https://www.documentsnap.com/how-to-split-pdf-documents-into-single-pages-using-mac-osx/
  11. Sorry to say I still cannot get this to work in Designer. Think I will stay with my earlier workaround.
  12. Please provide more details on which settings to use in the Designer Persona that will enable separate PDF pages to be saved from a multipage document.
  13. I think that a lot of people are hoping. It has been some time for this one to get to the top of Affinity's priority list. It is already available in other software, so the method must be out there somewhere.
  14. I forgot to mention that the images in the above attachment were taken on a 27 inch iMac Retina 5K with a default resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels. Also, interesting that the tool layout on the left hand side in the Affinity suit of programs does vary and the pen tool is not visible in Photo screenshot as other tools take preference. Something you just have to learn I guess.
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